-David Christopher M.H.

 Through keen observation of life, we can determine the natural process of healing.  We are not at war with disease, for we have observed that the organisms involved in disease are opportunistic. Therefore we focus on prevention through improving the personal environment, making disease less likely to develop. Many in the health field respond to disease with a weapon-like mentality using anti-inflammatories, anti-pyretics, anti-pruritics, anti-histamines, and of course let us not forget the ever present anti-biotics. Natural healing observes and asks: why is the body producing inflammation, fever, itching, and histamine; and how does the body deal with invading organisms.


At the School of Natural Healing we teach that inflammation is part of the healing process and we observe that the body uses inflammation to rid itself of damaged tissue in preparation for the replacement with new tissue. Instead of stopping inflammation we help the body’s circulatory process and help facilitate the removal of the damaged tissue through the eliminative system.


The school trains our students to work with the body, not against it. Instead of stopping a fever we help the body use the heat process to rid itself of the invaders. We understand that macrophage cells recognize the invading organisms and send a chemical signal (IL-1) that initiates a fever which is also the signal that kick starts the immune system by activating T-helper cells.  You cannot have it both ways.  If you block the fever with aspirin or any other drug, then you also block your immune system from ridding the body of the very invaders that started the process.


The body sends out a signal of itching so that the area can be stimulated sufficiently to increase circulation.  Scratching achieves this purpose but can damage skin.  The School of Natural Healing instructs that heat or cold or alternating both can achieve the same purpose of increasing circulation, hence no more need for the body to send more signals (itching).


The school teaches that histamine is produced by the body to quarantine invaders.  If you take anti-histamine you run the danger of releasing the invader to the rest of the body.  We as natural practitioners help the body again through the circulatory and eliminative process.


The definition for anti-biotic, is anti-life.  We as natural practitioners are not against life and we recognize the body’s ability to recognize life that is friendly to itself, from life that is antagonistic. We do not use anti-biotics that kill all life.  The School of Natural Healing teaches its students to trust the body’s discriminatory immune system and rely on time tested foods and herbs that destroy invaders but protect friendly flora.

As natural practitioners we implore you to use the safe and effective procedures taught at the School of Natural healing.  Enroll in the first level and you will have the tools to treat yourself and your family free from the dangers presented by standard medicine.  Take all 22 levels and you will obtain the knowledge necessary to become a blessing to mankind.



David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer. 


Photo courtesy of National Geographic.

April 8th, 2014Herbal Eyebright

-Chad Gilkey

 Dear Christopher family and friends,


I would like to take some time to share a natural healing experience with you. A friend and client of mine had been diagnosed with a cataract in her left eye several years ago. She also wore prescription glasses to help correct a near sighted condition. Of course the cataract continued to get worse along with her eye sight. Finally, faced with the prospect of surgery to remove the cataract at age 73, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Being familiar with the Christopher products, she knew that the Eye Bright formula was the place to start. I read the protocol to her from Herbal Home Health Care over the telephone one evening and her daughter ordered all of the formulas for her. She used the eye wash tincture three times per day as well as the Eye Bright capsules; six weeks on and one week off. She has been doing this faithfully for about eight months now and has gone back to using a pair of prescription glasses from twenty five years ago. In fact, lately she’s been talking about getting a cheap pair of dollar store glasses instead. Although she hasn’t been back to her doctor for an official confirmation, she believes her cataract is gone as her sight seems beautifully clear.


She looks forward to watching her beloved Detroit Tigers this spring on T.V. as she can now read, without glasses, the tiny caption in the upper left of the screen which displays the score and inning. Even though she receives ridicule from some family members, she plans to continue with the formulas and she has no intentions of getting her eyes carved on. We both thank all of you.


Chad Gilkey Body Balance Therapeutic Massage and Wellness

4546 Leach St. Cass City, MI 48726

Phone 989-872-1879 E-mail cgilkeyherbdoc@gmail.com

-Tonya Judd M.H.


I recently had a friend ask for my help with some health issues she was having.  When she came by to visit, we started by discussing what she was eating on a daily basis.  She told me, “You’re going to think I’m terrible, I’m embarrassed to tell you what I eat.”  I assured her that I was not there to judge her, only to help her. Here is what her “food” choices for the day looked like.  She would start her day with a SlimFast shake (18 grams of sugar or 4.5 teaspoons of sugar), then she would have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (the peanut butter and jelly sandwich alone was 38 grams of sugar which equals 9.5 teaspoons of sugar), throughout the day she was consuming at least 3 - 24 oz. Pepsi’s (30.75 teaspoons of sugar).  If she was unable to sleep at night she would drink more Pepsi.  She then moved on to the ice cream, consuming 1 gallon every 3 days (28 teaspoons per day). She then figured that she had blown her whole day and started eating everything in sight, including her husband’s stash of King Size chocolate bars (6 teaspoons of sugar). She never ate dinner but would eat candy.

She was not sleeping, most likely because she was over-caffeinated and was on a sugar high.  She felt tired all the time and knew that her eating habits were out of control.  She didn’t know what she was going to do.  I started by explaining that everything she was consuming was overly processed and sugar laden and that her body was not getting any of the nutrients it so desperately needed.  Vegetables and fruits were not a part of her diet.  She asked what she could do, just one thing she could change.  I focused on starting simple and suggested that she wean herself off of the Pepsi first and replace it with water.  She suddenly announced that she needed to leave and I worried that I had offended her.


Five days after her abrupt departure I received a text from her stating that she had not had Pepsi in 4 days and she was consuming pure water in its place.  On day 8, I received a text stating that she had not had ice cream in 8 days. I kept her supplied with new recipes for salad dressings she could make herself, fresh food recipes and a lot of support.  I am so proud of her and her success.  She added large green salads and fresh fruits and veggies to replace what she had been consuming.  She has mentioned several times that she just isn’t hungry anymore and feels totally satisfied with her new lifestyle change and that she has never felt this good in her life.  She was concerned because her bowels were moving so frequently.  I assured her that she was finally having normal bowel movements because her body was releasing built up gunk that had accumulated over the past 60+ years and she was finally getting the fiber her body needed from the fresh fruits and vegetables. Her stomach is half the size it was and she has lost 15-20 pounds in 8 weeks.  She is also concentrating on getting more exercise.  She often comments on how great real food tastes and how on other plans she had tried in the past, she always felt deprived.  Now she eats until she is satiated and feels great.


Our next step will be to add some herbal formulas such as the Dr. Christopher’s Vitalerbs and cleansing formulas such as the Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula and then move on to cleansing the rest of her system.  She is happy to share her story and is proud of the fact that she is no longer being controlled by her food addictions.  When I asked her what had helped the most, she stated that she “had no idea where to start and what to eat in place of the “foods” she had been consuming.”  My advice is to plan ahead and find new recipes to try.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Like my friend, start with something you think you can let go of and move on to the next step and then the next. I was once counseled by a dear friend that I needed to stop trying to reach the top of the mountain in one giant leap and to concentrate on taking one step and then focus on the next step and then the next.  Surround yourself with supportive people and remember to reward yourself for your accomplishments. I checked back with my friend yesterday and she reported that she is “doing great but I don’t know what to do!”  I didn’t quite understand.  ”Well, I can’t sit around knitting for the rest of my life.  I just don’t know what to do now that I feel so good!”


You can take control of your life and your health, one step at a time.


Tonya Judd is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing and an Emotional Release practitioner.

April 8th, 2014Hope For Depression

-Mishelle Knuteson M.H.


I have been alarmed at the rate that people are taking their own lives. It just seems so much more common these days than I have ever noticed before. It saddens me a great deal. I know the toll that challenges can take in my own life and those that suffer from mental or emotional disorders may not have the knowledge or skills to cope when faced with difficult situations in their life. I am a proponent of positive thinking, yet I understand these mental and emotional maladies can create a hole deep within us that is debilitating and extremely hard for some to escape from.


To assist and help those around us with these tendencies, it is important that we are aware of changes in their behavior and appearance and respond quickly. Notice body language - are their shoulders slumped over more than usual, are they not taking care of their hygiene or nutrition or just shutting down, are they isolating themselves, are they using language such as, “I can’t take this anymore,”  or  ”they would be better off without me,” etc.

People can get so discouraged and lost. If we can pick up on these subtle changes mentioned above, it can allow more of an opportunity to assist and help. People struggling with depression need to know that they belong to someone or something bigger than themselves. They need to be aware that people care about them. They need to understand that they have a support system and that there is a place and purpose for them. Don’t assume that they know how important they are to you, tell them frequently. Further, tell them specifically how they support you.

Creating a plan for life gives hope and direction. Understanding that hope is never lost and miracles do occur can propel someone forward in the difficult moments. It is vital that people have something to look forward to in the future and to have a purpose for each day. This helps to bring the hope it takes to endure through the difficult times. Writing each day helps a person express and get things out that may be locked inside. Writing about hopes, future plans and people that are important can elicit self-encouragement and keep the purpose of life alive. Just the simple act of smiling will change a person’s energetic make up in the moment.  Expressions of gratitude for the simple things found in daily life can change a person’s outlook - even if it is just expressing gratitude that you can breath and your heart is beating. Fatigue is often a catalyst to more serious problems so make sure there is a plan for rest, relaxation and replenishing. If we do not take the time to be well, we will most certainly be given the time to be ill.

Believe it or not, intestinal issues are closely related to mental issues. Research has been done that demonstrates a direct connection between the “gut/brain axis”, so adding probiotics to a daily regime may almost act as an antidepressant in many of these situations. Approximately 80-90% of the human body’s total serotonin is located in the alimentary canal (gut). Gut health once again proves to be an important center in overall health. People with behavioral and physiological illnesses need to be conscious of getting a diet rich in nutrients from fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Some of Dr. Christopher formulas that may assist are Vitalherbs for nutrition, Soothing Digestion to help the alimentary canal, MindTrac to feed the brain and St John’s Wort as a mood booster. I recently learned of an herb called Sceletium tortuosum, commonly called Kanna, that may also help as a booster. I will introduce you to that herb in my next newsletter.

There are natural solutions that are healing for the body and not just a bandaid. There is always hope of a better and brighter future. The School of Natural Healing is here for you, to help educate and bring healing through knowledge and truth. We are the ones that can assist our loved ones who may feel so desperate.


Mishelle Knuteson is certified in Rapid Eye Technology (RET) an emotional release therapy, teaches classes in The Art of Feminine Presence and a Master Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. Mishelle currently works as an Educative Master Herbalist (MH) for The School of Natural Healing and as Office Manager of Christopher Publications.

April 8th, 2014Herniated Disk

- David Christopher MH


Last week a neighbor of mine went in for back surgery for a herniated disc and died on the operating table. Another neighbor is alive after the same surgery but is still in pain and cannot sit or stand for more than five minutes at a time. Yet another neighbor who is an ER nurse refused medical intervention and would not take any pain meds. Yes, there are those who claim no complication after surgery but in my personal experience I haven’t seen one person escape this particular procedure unscathed.

Unfortunately my spinal space between L4 and L5 was herniated over the Christmas holiday, and of course any medical procedure, for me, was out of the question. I know that pain is simply a signal that something is wrong and the body continues sending the signal until the problem is resolved. If you block or cover up the pain the body sends a bigger signal to pass by the block, you then have to take a stronger medication, which triggers your body to respond with yet a bigger pain signal. As you continue with this cycle of escalating pain and stronger medication, the possibility of addiction skyrockets. I also recognize that if you remove the warning (pain) you are likely to damage yourself further by performing functions your body can not handle. A little known principle of natural healing states that “if you give the body what it needs to heal then the body reduces the pain signal”, so I ran with this simple truth. I know that Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone formula heals damaged tissue so I started using it like a maniac. I consumed two pounds of this herbal formula in six weeks, totally ignoring the package warning “for external use only” which is an unfounded FDA requirement. I also consumed additional comfrey tea and nearly one pound of Dr. Christopher’s Vitalerb formula.  Using this procedure, the pain diminished little by little and I am now healing remarkably well with very little pain. I expect full recovery, soon.

I aided my recovery with fantastic massage therapists, an excellent chiropractor and an amazing exercise coach. I am thankful for the truths taught at The School of Natural Healing. These truths gave me confidence to use the natural procedures and avoid the dangers of standard medicine.


David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.  

-David Christopher MH


This new 6 CD set is the latest lecture series by David Christopher. David is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He regularly travels the country lecturing on a variety of topics and this has it all. In this series David covers everything from the importance of good digestion to autoimmune diseases and cancer.

On the first 4 CD’s learn what negative effects we can expect from the average American diet and how to cleanse and heal our bodies by nourishing ourselves with whole, live foods. You will also learn about making extracts, flushing the liver and gallbladder, the health risk of vaccines, tooth health, migraine headaches and so much more.

On the final 2 CD’s you will enjoy a detailed question and answer forum covering stroke recovery, cayenne vs. Coumadin, babies & fevers, enlarged prostate and many others.

If you are new to natural healing, or well versed, you will find valuable insights in Maintaining Healthy Body Systems, now available through Christopher Publications.

-Tara Pierce H

Irish Moss is not actually a moss but a seaweed, strongly alkaline and rich in iodine, calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. It is a highly nutritious plant which feeds the bones, brain, liver, flesh and lymphatic system. It contains a large amount of mucilage and sulfur compounds making it a great aid in the treatment  of chronic bronchial and intestinal problems. It is soothing in cases of arthritis, irritation of the bladder and kidneys, as well as chronic diarrhea and dysentery. In cases of dropsy it aids in the removal of excess fluid in the tissues and is used for colds as well as relief of dry coughs. Poultices of the moss have been successfully used on abscesses, burns and bruises.

Traditionally it was gathered for both food and medicine. It is still commonly used in cooking and food preparation as thickening and stabilizing agents. You will find it added to dairy products such as ice cream, yogurt and pudding as well as nut and rice milks and as a flavoring agent and clarifier in the brewing of beer. The herb is used as a suspension agent in toothpastes and is used commercially in hand lotions and various creams.


Although carrageenans (molecules extracted from the moss) were introduced on an industrial scale in the 1930’s, they were first used in China around 600 B.C. and in Ireland around 400 A.D. Known in Ireland as Carrageen Moss, it is commonly boiled in milk and strained, before sugar and other flavorings such as vanilla, cinnamon, brandy, or whisky are added. The end-product is a kind of jelly similar to pannacotta, tapioca, or blancmange.


Dr. Christopher included Irish moss in the Thyroid Maintenance Formula due to the organic iodine which is an excellent part of nourishing the thyroid gland. Together with kelp, watercress, mullein, parsley, nettle, marshmallow and sheep sorrel, this combination helps to support a healthy metabolism. Used as a tonic this formula will ease fatigue, muscle weakness, nervousness, difficulty sleeping, and irregular menstrual periods.

Tara Pierce is a Certified Herbalist and Master Herbalist Student at The School of Natural Healing.

April 8th, 2014Artemisia

-Jo Franks

The International Herb Association has declared the genus Artemisia as herb of the year for 2014. There are 2 herbs from the Artemisia genus on the School of Natural Healings 100 herb list. Artemisia tridentate, whose common name is desert sage and Artemisia absinthium or wormwood.

Artemisia tridentate or desert sage is a plant that grows abundantly here in Utah. After a summer rain it fills the air with its pleasant aroma. It is used as a tonic and blood cleanser and to help to regulate female issues. The branches of this plant are bound together and used as smudge sticks to clear the air when burned.


Artemisia absinthium or wormwood is usually used in combination with other herbs. It will expel worms and is a good liver tonic and digestive aid. A tincture made from the fresh leaves makes a good liniment for sore muscles, sprains and bruises. The dried leaves have been hung in pantries and storage areas to keep bugs away.


Both of these herbs are very bitter. Use a teaspoon per cup of boiling water and steep for 30 minutes. A cold infusion is best when using desert sage. Leave to steep a few hours or overnight.


Jo Francks is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing. She is also a Holistic Iridologist and Quantum Touch practitioner. 


April 8th, 2014Who Benefits?

-David Christopher MH


A good friend of ours that was medically oriented and insisted on getting the flu vaccine every year, died from the very disease she was supposedly immune to. The media broadcast the information about her death from the flu but never mentioned that she had been fully vaccinated. Selectively broadcasting only the information on her death from the flu, was a benefit to the medical community only.

Aside from our friend, who else was harmed? The general public. All of us were denied the full facts of the death which prevents us from making an informed decision on whether to vaccinate or not. Shortly after this tragic event, the top local radio personality came down with the flu after receiving her flu shot. This shocked her co- workers, since she was such a proponent of the vaccine. During her medical leave from the talk show, her co-anchor, breaking precedence, announced that she was absent due to flu even though she had been vaccinated. The medical response to the comment was that the vaccine was only 60% effective. That is pretty close to 50 - 50, which means maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t. My experience with many people is, not only is the flu vaccine ineffective, it causes and spreads influenza. The problem is that the same corporations that own the pharmaceuticals also own the media. It would not be financially responsible to have a fully informed populace.

The only way to deal with the flu is prevention, as outlined in Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Home Health Care. And if you still come down with the flu the book outlines how to quickly recover. When I was in my early twenties I came down with the flu and it hit me hard, I was down flat in bed for two weeks. I had to get back to school (16 credit hours) and I was running the family business. A friend came to see me who had taken Dr. Christopher’s herbal classes and gave me THE famous anti-plague formula (this was prior to its being marketed commercially). It tasted horrible but I took it every hour that day and was back at school and work the next day.

I am forever grateful for Dr. Christopher, his products, his publications and his School of Natural Healing.


David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.  

 by Dr. T. Collin Campbell


WHOLE is Dr. T. Collin Campbell’s follow-up to his previous release, The China Study. In this paradigm shifting book he takes the evidence of the China Study and explains why the evidence works.   Dr. Campbell’s desire is to awaken within each of us a desire to eat a whole, plant based diet.


Following is an excerpt from WHOLE in true T. Collin Campbell style, “If you were in charge of a wealthy and powerful organization dedicated to eradicating cancer, what would you want its positions on cancer research to look like?  Mine would begin with a research program designed to understand the natural biological complexity of this disease, and then would try to take advantage of nature’s tools to restore health…and I’d spend the vast majority of the funds I was given attempting to inform the public about what we do know regarding the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of cancer.”


Dr. Campbell also asks a very poignant question, “…if we have such overwhelming evidence that everything we think we know about nutrition is wrong, why haven’t our eating habits changed?”

“There is nothing more convincing than experiencing the change for oneself.  We must recognize nutrition as a cornerstone of our health-care system, not a footnote.”

Dr. Campbell’s WHOLE is now available for purchase through Christopher Publications.



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