August 25th, 2014Adrenal Burnout

Tara Pierce M.H.


One of the Adrenal glands main functions is acting as a buffer to stress. They do not differentiate between physical and mental stress and respond in the same way to both. Every type of stress influences these glands; injury, divorce, work, finances, diets, pain, excessive exercise, junk food, kids, spouse, menstruation and so on. It is easy to get stuck in a stress cycle and over work these glands into burnout. Burnout is defined as a major breakdown in the energy producing systems of the body. It goes far beyond fatigue and can be devastating to every aspect of one’s life.


The number one symptom of Adrenal Burnout Syndrome is exhaustion or chronic fatigue. Some other symptoms are cravings for sweets or attraction to stimulants, difficulty with digestion, weight gain around the belly leaving arms and legs thin, inability to cope with daily life, hypoglycemia or diabetes, changes in mood and personality, depression, fears and phobias, anxiety, lack of interest in appearance, loss of concentration, shortness of breath, dark circles around the eyes, puffiness in the face and edema in the feet, and loss of muscle tone, among others. Adrenal burnout can be triggered by a single severe stress but more often it occurs slowly after years of imbalance in life and inadequate nutrition.


Recovering from adrenal burnout involves dedication to re-evaluating one’s life and making the necessary lifestyle changes to decrease and even eliminate unnecessary stress. A good clean diet full of live, whole foods is essential as is using plenty of digestive enzymes to boost assimilation of nutrients. I would also recommend doing Dr. Christopher’s Extended Herbal Cleansewith the addition of the Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula. To treat the burnout specifically I would add Dr. Christopher’s Adrenal, Thyroid Maintenance, and Master Gland Formula’s. Recovery can take time, but the more dedicated you are to treating yourself right the quicker you will regain your energy and strength to feel like yourself again.


Tara Pierce is a Certified Master Herbalist Graduate from The School of Natural Healing.

August 25th, 2014Red Clover

Jo Francks MH


Red clover is an herb that is given to us as a blessing for many different ailments. It has been used for centuries and is well known as a treatment and prevention for cancer. It is also useful as a tonic for nerves and as a sedative for nervous exhaustion. It has been mentioned as a treatment for bronchial troubles and whooping cough. It is healing to wounds and can be made into an ointment for the treatment of wounds and skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.

Modern research has found that red clover blossoms contain isoflavones, plant based chemicals that produce estrogen-like effects in the body. Isoflavones have shown potential in the treatment of a number of conditions associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, cardiovascular health, and osteoporosis.

Dr. Christopher’s Blood Stream formula is based around red clover blossoms having 6 parts of the herb. Some women have found that taking the Blood Stream formula for other conditions has reduced their frequency of hot flashes. The Blood Stream formula is used along with the Lower Bowel, Kidney, and Liver Gallbladder formulas as an extended herbal cleanse. Start the herbal cleanse by taking 2 capsules of the Lower Bowel formula 3 times a day and 2 capsules of the kidney formula twice a day. These two formulas are taken for two weeks before adding the Liver Gallbladder formula, 2 capsules 3 times a day or a dropper-full of the extract 3 times a day. Stay on these 3 formulas for another week and then add the Bloodstream formula, 2 capsules 3 times a day. It is recommended that these formulas be taken for six weeks and up to six months always resting from the formulas on the seventh day.


Red Clover has a direct action in improving the nutrition of the brain. It is especially helpful when there is general mental failure, with loss of memory of words, or when there is confusion of ideas of functional causes. It is also useful when there is weakness of the lower extremities, or of the feet from deficient capillary circulation.


This is an herb that can be gathered when the blossoms are in full bloom and is safe to use for many ailments.


Jo Francks is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing. She is also a Holistic Iridologist and Quantum Touch practitioner. 

August 25th, 2014How Deadly is Ebola?

David Christopher M.H.


Many people are panicking over the current Ebola outbreak. It reminds me of the Avian Flu concerns and the Swine Flu debacle. If you are not going to Africa then you should have no concerns. Your chances of getting hit by lightning are greater than your chances of contracting Ebola. Your chances of surviving Ebola are also greater if you follow the protocol set forth in this article.

First lets’ get the facts, from the World Health Organization: Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is a hemorrhagic fever disease which is often fatal (up to 90%, currently running 47% fatal). EVD outbreaks occur primarily in remote villages in central and West Africa. It is not spread through the air but is spread through bodily fluids. It most likely originates from fruit bats and is carried and spread through Primates.

Symptoms: flu like with onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat, followed by vomiting, diarrhea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function and in some cases internal and external bleeding. White blood cell count is low as well as platelet count. Incubation period is 2-21 days and the person is infectious as long as the virus remains in the body (7 weeks after symptoms disappear).

There is no drug, vaccine, or specific treatment, only supportive care including oral hydration with electrolytes. Natural treatment: Work with the fever not against it, (as explained in Herbal Home Health Care by Dr. John R. Christopher MH, ND). Give fresh Juices, 16 cloves of Garlic or more per day, take Vitalerbs, Anti-plague syrup, and X-Ceptic.

Prevention: Stay away from wild animal meat (especially raw monkey brains). Be well nourished.


Africa needs to be well fed not vaccinated!

David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.  

August 25th, 2014Herb Syllabus

Dr. John R. Christopher

Master Herbalist Guide


The Herb Syllabus is our book that gives in depth information for all the herbs on The School of Natural Healings 100 Herb List. Previously this book was only available to students in the Master Herbalist Course. In 2009 the book was improved and made available through Christopher Publications. From Alfalfa to Yellow Dock, there are 105 herbs covered in the book. The information on each herb includes color photos, a description, historical uses, current information, application, medicinal uses and cultivation of the herb. This is the most comprehensive book on these herbs available anywhere. What a great addition it would be to any library with over 730 pages of valuable information. Many stories on how the herb was used by Dr. Christopher are told within the pages of the book. The following is an excerpt from the section on cayenne.

“Early in Dr. Christopher’s practice, he was called in the middle of the night by a woman whose husband had just passed out from a heart attack. The Doctor told the woman to heat some water, and when he arrived at the house he mixed a teaspoon of Cayenne into the water, propped up the man, and gave him just a little, when he came to, he finished the cup, and within a few minutes felt much stronger. Soon he was well, and became converted to the use of herbs, even buying and running one of the health food stores in Salt Lake City for many years.”

This book is a wonderful reference to help in learning the way of herbs and how to put them to practical use. We are pleased to offer it for a short time at a 30% discount. The assurance of knowing how to take care of yourself and your family is irreplaceable. The use of herbs is a step toward self-sufficiency and independence.





August 25th, 2014True Patterns of Health

Kelly Pomeroy M.H.


Pain or discomfort is a natural signaling mechanism our body uses to tell us that it needs something. These signals are often ignored or labeled as old age. We might even take a pill to turn the pain off. When a car runs low on gasoline, the auto’s gas light comes on, signaling to put gas into the tank before it runs out. We don’t pull out the fuse to stop the signal from telling us we are low on gasoline. We know we will get stuck if we don’t listen. There is a great lesson to be learned in the up keep of a car and the up keep of the amazing gift of our bodies.


Ibn Butlan (around 1038 AD), was an Arab Christian who wrote a book regarding the restoration and preservation of good health called the Taquin as­Sihhah. He taught that clean air, moderate diet, rest and work, emotional health, and elimination (bowel and bladder) were key to maintaining health. When any of these were lacking, sickness occurred. In addition to all of these valuable habits he lists, I add that drinking plenty of clean water is vital to our body’s health. Most of our society is dehydrated. This simple step taken out of the equation of health can give us headaches, irritability, constipation, and loss of energy.


Some true patterns of health are:

1. Drink plenty of clean, clear water. More than 70% of our body is made of water and needs to be replenished daily by at least 8 cups and up to one gallon of water for an adult. Distilled water is best. Drinking water will aid our bowels and bladder in elimination.

2. Get the sleep and rest you need. Generally 8 hours of sleep is required for the body to perform its functions.

3. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. The average diet today is heavy laden with processed foods and animal products (dairy, meat, eggs, etc.). They have a high calorie, low nutrient ratio, robbing the body of essential vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals. Animal hormones can also interfere with our own.

4. Exercise your body and breathe deeply, this benefits both the body and the mind. Our lymph system is activated by our physical movement.

5. Proper Elimination. Three times a day we should be having a healthy bowel movement. Urine should be a very light lemon color. Dark urine is an indication of dehydration. Fiber rich foods, high water intake, and reduced stress all attribute to healthy elimination.

6. Emotional Health. Max Muller, a German scholar once said, “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” Emotions have a physiological effect on us. Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman is an excellent book that teaches how the body, heart, and mind are tied together and how to heal emotionally and physically. The teachings of Jesus Christ found in The Holy Bible are simple tools to teach forgiveness, faith, love, gratitude, and respect.


When warning signals go off in our body (pain), we would be wise to take a simple evaluation of these patterns of health. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things we want to change. Find one thing you can improve upon and work on that. Remember, it is the small and simple things we do that make all the difference. Little by little, as we reach for truth and health, doors of understanding will open. Little successes can have a huge impact on our health. Best wishes to you in your journey to greater health!

Kelly Pomeroy is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing. She is a happy mother of four beautiful children who enjoys sharing her experiences and knowledge with family and friends. “I am a better mother, sister, daughter, and friend because of it. I would encourage anyone searching for ways to help themselves and family towards greater health to enroll in classes at The School of Natural Healing.” For questions or comments you can write me at

August 25th, 2014Essential Fatty Acids

Tonya Judd M.H.


Essential fatty acids are just what the name states, essential. Our bodies need EFA’s. Omega-3 fatty acids fight disease by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels and joints, protect our central nervous system, improves our mood, help with inflammation and joint pain, improve eyesight, positively affect cardiovascular health, help prevent age related macular degeneration and reduces blood sugar levels and triglyceride levels by eating only 1 ounce of EFA’s per day.


A deficiency in EFA’s can lead to mood swings and depression. Symptoms or signs of EFA deficiency in individuals include some of the following: dry skin, cracking skin on heels and fingertips, craving fatty foods, painful/stiff joints, poor muscle strength, hyperactivity, poor wound healing, learning/memory problems, dry hair, excessive thirst, and irritability to name a few.

EFA’s help with pregnancy and post-natal depression. EFA’s are passed to the baby in utero and help with the development of the brain. As the EFA’s are passed to the baby, this reduces the mother’s EFA levels, thus contributing to post-natal depression if the new mom is not consuming enough in her daily diet.

An amazing newer source for EFA’s is Sacha Inchi oil and Sacha Inchi seeds. Sacha Inchi grows in the highlands of Peru and the plant produces year after year and keeps producing for decades. The oil is derived from the cold pressing of the seeds and requires no refining. The oil is similar to olive oil but has a much lighter taste and the seeds (also called Incan peanuts) boast 50% oil content and have a nutty flavor when roasted. Sacha Inchi oil is an excellent source of amino acids, easily digestible proteins and nutrients. Sacha inchi exceeds fish oil and flax in omega-3 = 48% and omega-6 = 36%

High in fiber, high in tryptophan, no cholesterol, high in protein with a 27% protein content and is rich in iodine and vitamins A and E. Sacha Inchi oil and seeds are also an excellent source of amino acids. Another plus of Sacha inchi is that you can get all of your omegas in one shot…omega-3 (48%), omega-6 (35%) and omega-9 (9%) Sacha inchi has been shown to reduce blood sugar and triglyceride levels by eating just 1 oz. per day. Other sources of EFA’s include dark leafy greens such as spinach, flax seeds and flax oil, chia seed and purslane.

Keep in mind that when adding omega-3’s to your diet, it may take up to a month of use before you begin to see results.


Tonya Judd is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing and an Emotional Release practitioner.

August 25th, 2014Area of Specialty

Mishelle Knuteson M.H.


The School of Natural Healing just recently finished up the Master Herbalist Certification Seminar. The teachers who are experts in their field of study come and teach the students for their final testing to become Master Herbalists. I remember when I went through the seminar I kept sitting back, trying to absorb all that I could. I just wanted to soak up and retain all the information they taught and more. I wanted to be like them and know what they knew. I wanted to be an expert too.


I have a friend who lights your day just by a smile. I would say she is an expert smiler. When she smiles at you, you feel so special, noticed and comforted. I so want to smile like she does. One of my husband’s and boys favorite TV shows is American Ninja Warrior. I watch the show with them and I look at these expert athletes with their fine-tuned, trim and well-shaped bodies. Oh how I would love to have a body like that. There is a lady in my neighborhood who is an expert of thinking of the most unique ways to help and serve people that are in need. If I could only think of the ways to serve like she does.

Most of you have heard of a person being a “jack of all trades”. While growing up, that is what I considered both of my parents to be. They could make or fix just about anything and come up with really creative ideas on how to move projects forward. I wanted to be just like them and have all their “tools in my tool kit” so I could handle any situation that would come my way. I wanted to know it all, and not just know it, but be an expert in many different areas so I never came up lacking.

At the Master Herbalist Certification Seminar, David Christopher M.H. introduced the teacher, Christopher Hobbs PHD. In the introduction David said, “Here is your chance to ask all your questions about plant chemistry you want because that is his area of specialty and don’t ask me later because I probably won’t know the answer.” David is very adept at recognizing and understanding various maladies and figuring out what may bring the body back into balance and health, yet he knew he was not an expert at plant chemistry and he made no apologies about it. David knows his areas of specialty and he recognized Christopher Hobbs as being an expert in his area of specialty.  That made me think once again about what my area of specialty is. Do I really have to know it all to be effective? Maybe an area of specialty can be something as simple as being a great smiler. Ones areas of specialty don’t always have to be backed with a PHD.


We all have areas of specialty. We don’t all have to be a jack of all trades. There is something unique to the style and way that we individually do something. Opportunities come our way to utilize our area of specialty.  Listen to what people compliment you on. Accept the compliment and don’t brush it away. Sincere compliments can offer insights into what your areas of specialty may be. What is it you love to do? What comes easy to you and makes you feel happy inside? “Is it easy? Is it fun? Is it getting results? If so, it is the right thing” ~ Deepak Chopra


I may never have the body of an athlete. I may not find creative ways to serve my neighbors as often or as creatively as I would like to. I do not have the knowledge that a PHD in plant chemistry has, but I do have my areas of specialty. “When everyone thinks alike, no one thinks very much” ~ Walter Lippmann. Be unique. Find and be true to your areas of specialty; you really do have them. Take the time to consider and recognize what some of your specialties are. “There is but one course of human failure and that is man’s lack of faith in his true self” ~ William James


Mishelle Knuteson is certified in Rapid Eye Technology (RET) an emotional release therapy, teaches classes in The Art of Feminine Presence and a Master Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. Mishelle currently works as an Educative Master Herbalist (MH) for The School of Natural Healing and as Office Manager of Christopher Publications.

August 25th, 2014Happy Fourth


David Christopher MH

This issue of the newsletter is dedicated to George Washington who is sometimes called thefather of our country. As a youth, I remember hearing miraculous stories of George Washington being preserved in battle, such as, removing his clothes at the end of the day and finding four bullet holes but no wounds. In 1770 a Native American Chief who sided with the French against the British during the 1755 war, related that he fired at Washington 17 times and his warriors also tried to kill this young officer, to no avail. Another Chief related that they were instructed to kill all officers first and had attempted to shoot Washington but could not. During the battle for Fort Duquesne, now the city of Pittsburg, Washington was one of only 1300 soldiers who survived and the only officer of 86 that survived. Another account during the Revolutionary War told of the head of a British marksman squad who was about to shoot an American officer, at close range, but was inspired not to shoot and didn’t, later finding out it was George Washington that he didn’t shoot. These stories are very inspiring, but isn’t it interesting that schools stopped teaching the true accounts of, Divine Providence preserving Washington in battle, to help establish this country? And yet we still hear about the cherry tree myth in school!

Now let’s talk about what killed George Washington at 67 years of age. On December 13th 1799 this hero of the Revolution woke up in the night not feeling very well. He had been soaked by rain the day before and now felt chilled to the bone; labored breathing, feverish, with a sore throat. He probably had the flu and maybe strep throat. Any Herbalist of the day could have treated him with elderberries, garlic, honey, cayenne pepper and onion poultices for his chest and I have no doubt he would have survived. But no, he was treated by standard medical doctors of the day who bled him, doused him with mercury, bled him some more, gave him calomel (a mercury preparation), bled him again with more mercury up the rectum. With no sign of relief of the illness, they then argued amongst themselves whether or not they should do another bleeding. Dr. Elisha Dick was concerned that they had already drawn off 3 pints of blood and thought he was too weak for another bleeding. He felt Washington needed his strength to fight the malady. However he was the younger of the three Doctors, and Dr. James Craik and a Dr. Brown overruled him and drained another thirty two ounces of blood from his veins. After hours of torture George Washington dismissed the doctors and stated that he wanted to die in peace. So 24 hours after getting the flu, these doctors managed to take him out of this life. Two weeks later Dr. Brown wrote to Dr. Craik with misgivings, lamenting that Washington might still be alive if they hadn’t given the last bleeding, but justified their actions because, “It was the best light available”. Ignorance to natural law costs lives and indeed robed this nation of perhaps many more years of a great statesman.


This insane medicine lasted into the late 1800’s. As far as I’m concerned, today’s modern medicine is taking more lives than they’re saving. For more Medical History read Green Pharmacy by Barbara Griggs.


David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.  

June 30th, 2014Janie V.


Janie V. was born and raised in New Jersey. She has worked in a medical environment for over twenty-five years. After raising three children with her husband Frank of thirty years, it was her regular routine to get a medical checkup each year. In the eighth month of two thousand twelve, she had a mammogram done. The test results came back positive. She had developed breast cancer in her right breast. The doctor recommended that she get treatment and surgery. He also discouraged researching breast cancer on the internet. In other words, he was the final authority when it came to breast cancer.

Janie decided to try to follow the doctor’s orders. She was treated with chemotherapy every 3 weeks for 5 treatments which also included a shot to force her bones to produce white blood cells. Just before her fifth chemo treatment the nurse drew blood and her white blood cell count was low. The chemo doctor decided to delay it for a week. The following week she had her fifth chemo treatment at a lower dosage. She felt as if her body was getting weaker and weaker. She didn’t know how much more of this type of treatment her body could handle.

At about this time, a friend of Franks’ (who is a student at the School of Natural Healing) was giving him information and praying that Janie would consider another form of treatment. He was giving them information, websites and periodicals. Frank gladly took this information, but stood with his wife, knowing that she had to make this important decision for herself. On the second month of two thousand thirteen, Janie started on the mucus less diet. She took several of Dr. Christopher’s formulas and changed her eating habits drastically.

After about four months, she went back to her Surgeon for a follow up. Janie asked him when she should get her next mammogram. The doctor recommended that it be done after she was finished with her radiation. When she told him that she was not getting the radiation treatment he became livid. He began to belittle her telling her that if she didn’t, she would have a fifty percent chance of getting the cancer back in two years. He also implied that a change of diet would have little to no effect on her cancer. He argued with her saying, “Don’t you want to be around for your Grandchildren?” Needless to say Janie felt discouraged but was determined not to have the radiation treatment.

The following day, Janie and Frank made a trip to visit her father in Georgia. As they headed out, they prayed to YaHuWeh to give them guidance with their situation. On their way to Georgia, they stopped at a hotel for the night. Before they began to settle in to rest, Frank turned on the T.V. While flipping through the channels, he stumbled upon a doctor who was speaking about how nutrition can help fight cancer. He called Janie over and soon they were both watching the doctor explain how a plant based life style could help prevent cancer. They anxiously waited until the end of the program so they could get more information about this doctor. They found out his name was Dr. Fuhrman (author of Eat to Live) and he was located one hour away from their home in New Jersey! They agreed that this was an answer to their prayers.

After they had returned from Georgia, she made an appointment with Dr. Benson (Dr. Fuhrman’s associate) and began to change the way she thought about nutrition. While she started to change her eating habits, Frank decided to join her and they were able to make drastic changes to their habits together. Together they viewed the documentary, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, and it began to educate them on natural foods and a natural lifestyle. She started to lose weight (over 30 pounds), feel great, and was alive with vigor. Her pant size went into a single digit. Janie was getting her energy back. She cut out most of the dairy and meat in her diet. The tingling in her fingers, which had been a side effect to the chemotherapy, started to go away.

After about two months, she went back to her doctors who had worked with her through the chemotherapy for another checkup. They encouraged her to get another mammogram. The test results showed that no cancer remained. It was gone. But even as she breathed a sigh of relief, the doctor informed her that they had found an abnormal calcium build up in her other breast. But she did not let this discourage her. In fact, she was even more determined to follow through and take care of her health.

At her doctor’s appointment with Dr. Fuhrman’s office, she met with his associate Dr. Benson. He shared a nutritional plan called the G- BOMBS. G-BOMBS stands for greens, berries, onions, mushrooms, beans and seeds. This nutritional punch would help to prevent the cancer from returning again.

Today Janie is a miracle testimony of what the Creator YaHuWeH wants all his children to have: Health, Wellness, Happiness, Peace and Knowledge of how to maintain it and to share it with others.


Are you excited? I am! Let’s get healthy!


Frank and Janie V.

June 30th, 2014Melasma

Tara Pierce H.


Melasma is a skin condition of hyperpigmentation. It is most commonly found in women, in fact 90% of cases belong to us hormone laden females. It is usually associated with estrogen and progesterone levels and can become more severe as these hormones rise and fall in excess, such as during pregnancy (Chloasma; mask of pregnancy), while taking birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy during menopause or following a hysterectomy. Other less common causes are cosmetics, especially those with perfumes, stress, adrenal disorders, and some medications including some antibiotics, antiarrhythmics, and antimalarial drugs. Sun exposure will cause the patches to become darker making them much more noticeable during summer months and seem to fade in the winter months.

Medical treatments include Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, corticosteroids, azelaic acid or kojic acid to lighten the skin, usually found in cream, lotion, gel or liquid form. If the problem is severe and the creams do not give the desired result doctors may recommend a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or dermabrasion. Of course these treatments can have serious side effects causing even more health problems in the long run. Hydroquinone alone has been linked to leukemia, thyroid problems and liver damage.

To treat this condition naturally I would recommend using Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel and Liver and Gallbladder formulas to support the liver in processing and eliminating excess estrogen in the body. To help in the removal of excess estrogen I would consume 1-3 Tbls of fresh ground flax and sunflower seeds daily, along with Dr. Christopher’s Hormonal Changese Formula to give the body what it needs to produce the correct levels of needed hormones. The seeds can be added to smoothies, raw cookies, granola bars or sprinkled over your whole grain cereal and salads. If you suspect struggling adrenals, I would also add Dr. Christopher’s Adrenal Formula and a good quality vitamin B supplement.

Externally, I have found that daily, gentle, exfoliation as well as a mask made from organic plain yogurt with fresh lime or lemon juice will lighten the patches effectively. Apply the mask 3-4 times per week for 20-30 minutes. Additionally I would watch your sun exposure. Avoid the hours between 10 and 2 when the sun’s rays are the harshest, and if you know you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun this summer, a good natural sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat are essential.


Tara Pierce is a Master Herbalist student at The School of Natural Healing.

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