Jared Tropple, M.H.

Who couldn’t use help to make your brain function more effectively? I know that I could. I have so many things going on all at once that at times I can feel too overwhelmed and taxed mentally to be able to balance and fulfill all of my obligations and desires. Here are a few herbs that can help your brain to function more fully and more effectively while decreasing mental exhaustion and stress. 
Ginkgo promotes circulation and improves memory. Some studies indicate that it may help rejuvenation brain cells. It helps improve cognitive functions without causing cognitive problems. I advise to always include ginkgo in your brain formula.
Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola oxygenates the blood and brain so that your brain can get the nourishment it needs. It is also a brain tonic and a nervine.
I can feel rosemary working so quickly in my brain. I usually take it in tincture form. It seems like smelling it is an important factor in getting the desired benefits. I would suggest also using rosemary essential oil because of this outcome. Rosemary is a brain tonic. It stimulates the brain but doesn’t have the anxious effect of caffeine. Because of its stimulating effects on the brain it improves cognitive performance and concentration. 
Holy Basil
Much of my opinion on Holy Basil as a head herb comes from personal use. It is promoted as an anxiety and stress herb. Maybe that’s part of it. For me, it helps clear my mind so that I can focus on the task at hand. 
Ashwaghanda reduces the effects of prolonged stress. It promotes a youthful state of mental health. Recent research has shown that it reduces mental impairment. It seems to help me most when I need to be creative in solving problems or in need of inspiration. It protects the brain from oxidative stress that leads to degeneration. It also improves long term visual memory.
Ayurvedic medicine has long used Bacopa for intellect, memory and anxiety. It is probably my favorite recently discovered herb. Studies show that it helps both sides of the brain function better together. It helps rejuvenate brain cells and improves ones capacity for attention and focus. It also helps reduce stress and increases memory capacity. This herb has so much scientific research backing it that it is very exciting.
They don’t call a wise person a sage for nothing. This herb has long been known to help improve cognitive function and enhance memory. Some of the active components of sage are similar to those developed to make drugs for Alzheimer’s. Along with rosemary I would also recommend using this in the essential oil form. 
These herbs will boost your memory, improve brain function and feed your brain so that it can be healthy and happy. I hope that if you are feeling mentally strained you reach for something nourishing like these herbs instead of an energy drink that just taxes your brain and body.
Jared Tropple is a Master Herbalist Graduate of The School of Natural Healing.