Mishelle Knuetson M.H.

I am studying to be certified in Thai Yoga Therapy. Part of my training is learning Ayurveda practices. Ayurveda is the 5,000-year-old holistic healing tradition from India. It emphasizes re-establishing balance in the body, mind and spirit through diet, lifestyle, exercise, and body cleansing. These are the same foundational principles which the School of Natural Healing teaches.

Fundamental to self-care in Ayurveda is the regular practice of self-massage called Abhyanga (abb-yun-gah). Specific oils are selected according to your skin type and which dosha (body/mind type) you want to balance. The oils most often used in the “self-abhy” are sesame oil because of its heavy and warming quality, sunflower oil because it is light and warming, coconut oil and olive oil because they are cooling to the body.

The stimulating touch of a self-abhy helps the skin release a pharmacy of healing chemicals within the cells that have health-promoting effects. On a physical level the oil helps to lubricate the skin and make the muscles supple. On a psychological level tensions are eased. In addition to feeling good, regular massage and loving touch detoxifies the body’s tissues, increases circulation, calms the mind, and enhances immune function. Giving yourself a daily self-abhy is deeply healing to body, mind and spirit. For directions on how to do the Abhyanga, click here.


  •     Improves circulation
  •     Calms the mind and the nervous system
  •     Promotes restful sleep
  •     Helps prevent osteoporosis and increases bone strength
  •     Softens, lubricates and tones the skin
  •     Reduces signs of aging
  •     Relieves aches and pains and prevents injuries to muscles, tendons & joints
  •     Increases secretion of hormones from the skin
  •     Helps hair grow luxuriantly, thick, soft and glossy

Dr. Christopher also taught of a similar practice in his Incurables program; the three oil massage. (For more information on the program see Curing the Incurables booklet). He used oils such as castor oil for cleansing, olive oil for nourishing, and wheat germ oil for rejuvenating the body.

I have started utilizing the practice of Abhyanga in my life, using the oils Dr. Christopher recommends in the three oil massage. I have loved it!! I am starting to notice a difference in the feel of my skin, my eliminative channels are functioning with greater ease and my hair seems fuller and glossier. It is so much better than using lotions loaded with toxic chemicals. This is an amazing self-care practice that I highly recommend to everyone.

Mishelle Knuteson is certified in Rapid Eye Technology (RET) an emotional release therapy, teaches classes in The Art of Feminine Presence and a Master Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. Mishelle currently works as an Educative Master Herbalist (MH) for The School of Natural Healing and as Office Manager of Christopher Publications.