By Tara Christopher Eyre

We had an interesting dinner the other evening–I had prepared a fabulous cashew sauce for our zucchini noodles and was excited for the kids to try it out.  My three year old took her first bite, said “Yum!” and then immediately had a look of horror cross her face.  Being the mom that I am, I thought, “Oh no you don’t - not tonight!” and immediately gave her another bite.  She cried and complained while I tried to enjoy some of my own dinner.  As I often do, I gathered my wits, force fed her another bite and ate some more.  But this was not the usual whining about something new for dinner.

Her cries got louder, her face turned red and all of a sudden she had big white bumps around her eyes.  The bumps multiplied, her eyes starting swelling shut, her stomach hurt and I sprang to action.  I grabbed a cold wash cloth for her eyes, held her in my arms and took a moment to think.  It seemed like her body was having a major reaction, that her immune system was just going crazy.  Best thing to calm the immune system?  Marshmallow and Astragalus.

So I had my son grab a bottle of Kid-e-Soothe and immediately gave her three droppersful.  I checked the washcloth, it was burning up, so I cooled that down and gave her three more droppersful of Kid-e-Soothe.  The swelling in her eyes and white bumps started decreasing, so I kept changing the cloth on her eyes and giving Kid-e-Soothe while I flipped through my homeopathic book (that I keep in the kitchen, specifically for times like this!) and finally found what I was looking for - Apis, a specific for hives, reactions, allergies, etc.  I gave her some immediately, and started alternating it with the Kid-e-Soothe.

She was able to lie on the couch while I started some Raspberry/Spearmint/Catnip Tea a favorite at our house for any sickness.  A few minutes later she was done with the cloth on her eyes - and they looked A LOT better.  The cloth wasn’t pulling out heat anymore.  I slowed down the Kid-e-Soothe and Apis because she wouldn’t take it.  And then (about ½ hour into the experience) she threw up.  She would only take one sip of the tea, which was fine, but she did want more Kid-e-Soothe and Apis.  I also put some Apis in a water cup and she sipped on that intermittently.

She threw up twice more that evening, each about an hour apart, and then slept soundly the rest of the night.  The next morning she was back to her old self, playing and laughing with her brothers–and completely starving for breakfast!  She had a few red areas on her face so I gave her more Kid-e-Soothe and Apis and it cleared up within an hour.  She was fine the rest of the day.

As I took care of my little sweetheart I let my mind put the pieces together that caused this experience and realized that she is definitely allergic to cashews.  The only other time she has eaten cashews is when I chopped them up in a homemade energy bar.  She threw up a ½ hour after eating those and again about an hour later.  I don’t remember any swelling or hives during that experience, but maybe it’s because she only had a little bit of the energy bar, not a concentrated amount like the cashew sauce.  The other thing that I realized is that she always refuses cashews when I offer them to her.  Somehow she knows that those aren’t good for her and stays away from them.  What amazing bodies we have!  She was listening to her body all along - it just took an experience like this one for me to understand!

I also felt so thankful for my upbringing and the School of Natural Healing course I am completing.  I was able to keep my wits about me, understand what my daughter’s symptoms were telling me, and act accordingly.  What a blessing!  No trip to the emergency room, no Benadryl, just the safe herbs and homeopathics I had in my kitchen.  What a fabulous dinner!

Tara Eyre is a busy mother of three fabulous children.  She grew up with herbs and is finishing up her Master Herbalist course through The School of Natural Healing.  She loves taking care of her children naturally at home.