By Jo Francks M.H. - Utah

October is breast cancer awareness month.  Dr. Christopher was successful in helping many patients in overcoming many incurable diseases.  The following is an interesting experience he had on an airplane, shared from the book Every Woman’s Herbal.

While boarding a plane in Salt Lake City, Dr. Christopher had buckled up, and was ready to enjoy a little free time on the plane, reading, studying and meditating.  A lady sat down beside him.  As the plane took off, she began to talk, “Hello, where are you going?” she asked. “To Toronto, Canada.” said Dr. Christopher. “Why?” she asked further. “I lecture, and will be lecturing there. ” was Dr. Christopher’s response. Again she questioned,”What do you lecture on?” Dr. Christopher could see that he wouldn’t be getting much quiet meditation, and began to feel a little irritated, but he answered that he was an herb doctor, lecturing on healing the body. “Isn’t that interesting?” she responded, and began to tell him her story.

She said that two years before she had had pains in her breasts, so bad that she went to the doctor.  She had severe cancer of the breast, so the physician took her right to the hospital, and when she came out she had only one breast.  They assured her that he had cleaned out the cancer very thoroughly, but six months later her other breast started hurting.  It got so severe that she again went to the doctor, who said that he must have missed some of the cancer, so he rushed her to the hospital and they removed her second breast.  She went home with the assurance that this would be it, no more problems, but within six months, she was having abdominal pains in her organs and lower cavities and was in terrible pain.  When she was examined, the doctor told her that she would have to have her reproductive organs removed and part of her bowels, because the cancer had spread throughout her body.  She said that she wouldn’t let them do any more cutting on her.  They suggested chemotherapy, but she wouldn’t allow that either.  She said that if she was going to die, she didn’t want to be in pieces. She would die on her own.

She went home, not knowing where to turn, knowing nothing about diet, medicine, or anything.  She said she knelt down and prayed, and the answer came to her.  Did the Doctor want to know what it was? By this time, Dr. Christopher was all ears, and yes, of course, he very much wanted to know what it was! She changed her diet to eat fruits and vegetables, grains and seeds, as much as possible raw.  A few months went by and she was feeling better, like a different person entirely.  She went back to the doctor, who claimed that she had improved amazingly.  There was just a little cancer showing in her pap smear.  The doctor said to wait and see what happened.  She went back home, and in a few months on this diet of natural foods, she said even the pap smear cleared.

The thought went through Dr. Christopher, “Lord, what kind of a God are you?  It takes me forty years, and this woman kneels down and the answer comes immediately to her!  This is exactly what I’ve been teaching all these years, and learning it gradually.” This woman traveled all over the United States, speaking to women’s groups, women who fear they might get cancer or women who already have it, telling them to go to live foods and change their diet. Dr. Christopher felt that their conversation was time well spent!