David Christopher, M.H.

Controlling blood pressure naturally involves life style changes such as eating whole, live, naturally grown foods, proper exercise and positive thinking.  If this lifestyle is ignored and blood pressure rises, then one would need to cleanse the brain and the arterial system.  If the blood cannot deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells, then these cells will start to malfunction and eventually die. In this deprived state the cells will send off a distress signal.  The central nervous system responds to this signal by sending a life-saving signal to the circulatory system, raising blood pressure to deliver nutrients to these starving cells.  Changing the life style will help correct the problem and negate the need for high blood pressure.  Herbalaids can be used to achieve this goal and a suggested use is outlined in Dr. Christopher’s Three Day Cleanse Program, under the section titled “Extended Herbal Cleanse.” Along with these cleansing formulas, Dr. Christopher formulated an excellent herbal aid which he named simply Blood Circulation Formula.  He was once asked, “Will this formula raise or lower blood pressure?” He answered this question with a simple, “Yes.”  If someone has high blood pressure it will help lower it, however if they have low blood pressure it will help raise it.

Another cause of high blood pressure relates to our emotions.  I realize that positive thinking is easier said than done.  However, our overreactions to situations should be controlled and can be helped. Some helpful actions are counseling, yoga, bio-feedback and Bach Flower remedies.  Dr. Christopher’s Relax-ease tea and Mind Trac formulas are wonderful aids in this scenario.

As far as blood pressure is concerned we were designed, by our Creator, with self- correcting regulators that automatically set blood pressure levels at optimal levels. One of these regulators is nitric oxide, a substance made popular with body builders. Using supplements like this should be done with care so as to not interfere with the body’s natural pathways of correction.  Nitric oxide (N.O.) relaxes and dilates blood vessels, and a lack of N.O. contributes to increased rigidity of the vascular walls. Your body produces nitric oxide from nitrates in foods. These nitrates in foods are converted to nitrites by friendly bacteria residing in the crypts of the tongue. They accomplish this via nitrate reductase enzymes.  When nitrite rich saliva comes in contact with stomach acid it is converted to nitrous acid and then decomposes to nitric oxide. Nitrites consumed in the diet (i.e. nitrites found in cold cuts and bacon) do not convert to nitric oxide and may destroy the pathway, thus contributing to cardiovascular disease. Mouthwashes may also interfere with this pathway by killing the bacteria, instrumental in creating nitric oxide, thus negating blood pressure regulation. If this pathway has been destroyed, there are three foods that can be used to create nitric oxide. The first is beets, nature’s highest source of nitrates. Second, are hawthorn berries which are nature’s highest source of nitrate reductase and third, melons that provide the amino acid catalyst L-Citrulline. 

Therefore, these natural foods contain exactly what the body needs to control blood pressure.  Taking large amounts of body regulators is never a good idea, and doing so can interfere with blood pressure regulation.  Also eating foods that bypass one step in the regulating process (i.e. nitrites instead of nitrates) can also interfere with the pathway, losing regulation capacity. 


High blood pressure doesn’t have to be a concern, if we live our lives naturally and let our bodies self-regulate.


David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.