by Doreen Spackman MH

Summer has been busy! Hopefully it has been full of fun, family, friends, gardens, projects around the house, and building great memories. Here in Utah it’s autumn and everyone is getting back into school whatever age they are. We get to enjoy the harvest from our gardens and the leaves are starting to change their colors from vibrant green to yellow, gold, orange, and red, it’s beautiful and breathtaking!

This time of year I like to make “New Season Resolutions.”  It just seems to be a natural time to let go of things in life that are not serving or helping us and begin some new habits. Research has shown it takes 21 days to create a new habit and 90 days to create a new behavior. Autumn is a wonderful time of year! Let’s take a moment and think about it… When attending school- we expect our children, grandchildren or ourselves to learn and exceed in certain skills or abilities. When we plant our gardens- we expect to be able to go out and enjoy the harvest (unless the deer, birds, or rabbits get to it first). We would never consider going out to our yard or garden to pick a delicious tomato, a fresh cucumber, or crisp apple if we had never planted the seed, plant, or tree beforehand.

The same principle applies to all other areas of our life.  Just like seeds, our thoughts or ideas are small beginnings but have the power within them to produce a bountiful harvest when nourished with water, sunshine and good soil. Moving our seeds of thoughts and dreams to reality takes consistent effort on our part. First we need to water the seed by acting on the thought or idea, the sunshine is writing a list each day of at least 10 things we are thankful for, and the good soil are our positive thoughts about our self and what we are striving to achieve.

What would you like to grow? Perhaps you would like to learn a new skill or enhance one you already have, build a better relationship with someone, eat healthier, try one of those recipes you’ve been gathering, maybe a hobby you once had or have wanted to do that you put aside, or maybe it’s letting go of something negative to make room for what you really want in life…the list could be many pages long. Write your list of up to 10 items and then pick 1 you will start this week. Write how you will accomplish it. Then go and do it!  As positive thoughts come to you act on them! Now of course in our garden there are those noxious weeds of negative thoughts (you don’t deserve this, you’re not good enough, life is okay, why change now?). As these negative and limiting thoughts come up write them down and then shred, burn, cut up or crumple the paper and get rid of it just as you would the weeds from your garden. That way the seeds that you have planted can receive the full nutrients from the soil, or in other words, your full and deserving attention. Don’t let those noxious weeds have a place in your garden of life. Plant the seeds of your dreams and help them to grow.

“And in the whole of your daily activities, you must achieve a varied and harmoniously-blended whole; fresh air, sunshine, exercise, work, song, prayer, reading, meditation, recreation, etc.; and when this is successfully implemented and practiced the salutary miracle will take place in you–a great and creative zest for living will surge from within, to bless yourself and mankind. “(Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing Basic Course, vol. 2)

I would love to hear about your Autumn Resolutions!

Have a Happy and Healthy Day!

Doreen Spackman is a Master Herbalist graduate and employee of the School of Natural Healing. Doreen enjoys helping others learn to rebuild and restore their bodies with wholesome food. Through classes and private consultations, they can enjoy ultimate and complete health. To contact Doreen please visit

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