by Jo Francks MH 

With school starting comes the question “Should I vaccinate my child so he can enter public school?” This is a question that many parents are concerned about.  Many mothers are saying “I just don’t feel good about vaccinations for my child.”  

Mothers’ intuition is a valued gift and should be heeded when the health of a child is important to her. We’ve been told for years that vaccinations are necessary and safe for our children but it’s hard to keep track anymore of all they are vaccinating for.  A parent who is uninformed about what vaccinations are given may say that the doctor knows best and allow multiple vaccinations to be given to the child within a few minutes.  We don’t always contract multiple illnesses at once.  It’s usually one at a time and our immune system goes to work to help us through that illness.  When multiple illnesses in the form of vaccines are injected into the bloodstream, bypassing all of the body’s defense systems, the immune system gets overloaded.  Some of these vaccines are given to newborns just minutes after birth.  None of the illnesses vaccinated for are deadly and when vaccinations were introduced the illnesses were already on a decline due to better sanitation and nutrition.

Most states have an exemption form a parent can fill out so the child can enter school without having the vaccines. These forms can be obtained from the local health department.  Exemptions may include medical, religious or personal reasons.  Schools can’t keep a child out for not having vaccinations, unfortunately that information is not usually provided to the parents.  Please educate yourselves on the safety of vaccinations and then make an informed decision and not a blind one.

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