David Christopher, M.H.

I was recently asked, “Why aren’t you speaking at Mother Earth News conventions anymore?” I answered that I enjoyed speaking to the attendees but I could not tolerate the censorship imposed by the convention staff. I was told not to be political, but was never told what in my presentations was political.

Perhaps it was my reporting on Zika virus and its political connections to Avian virus, Swine Flu virus and Ebola virus. The media with feeds from the CDC caused a national frenzy of Americans who were scared to death of being exposed to these deadly viruses. None of these viruses were ever an epidemic nor realistically were ever a threat. However, CDC received billions of dollars in funding in each of these incidences. The current one of course being Zika virus which President Obama asked congress to appropriate 1.9 billion dollars funding for the CDC, who doles the money out to Big Pharma, to help find a cure. This request is in spite of the fact that Big Pharma has already developed a vaccine that is in the final stages of testing. Nancy Pelosi is continuing the brow beating of a reluctant congress to approve the funding, for what purpose? So the CDC can line the pockets of Big Pharma? Who entail the wealthiest corporations of the world! So CDC is requesting funds for doing what? For conducting research? The research is complete. Or is it reimbursement for doing Big Pharma’s very profitable work? What happened to the 3 billion dollars that CDC received from the federal government for Ebola research? Representative Chris Stewart has stated that only half a billion has been spent on Ebola and that the funds should come from the excess. Perhaps it isn’t in the best interest for us taxpayers to subsidize Big Pharma. If speaking up for Americans against Big Pharma is political then excuse me!!

Perhaps it was political to go against popular opinion that was spearheaded by the CDC to make measles outbreak appear as an epidemic. Really a couple of hundred cases in a country of over 300 million people is hardly an epidemic and hardly worthy of front page hyperbole. I for one understand that the only way to become immune to measles is to contract it, get over it and have immunity for life. In fact The USA almost had herd immunity to the measles virus before the measles vaccine was foist upon the American public. Now practically no one is immune to measles.

Perhaps it was political for me to declare that I would rather deal with the symptoms of any of these childhood diseases than to deal with a lifetime of caring for an autistic child. Yes Autism is caused from vaccines. The facts come from research gathered by the Center for Disease Control. The CDC conspired to hide their findings on the vaccine link and a top scientist at CDC, Dr. Thompson, has been begging to be deposed, by congress, to give a detailed account of the subterfuge. We’ve been waiting for two years and who knows why these congressmen are dragging their feet, hopefully it’s not because they all get thousands of dollars from Big Pharma. Rep. Bill Posey read the CDC fraud report into the congressional record but still no action has been taken. Unlike the fake measles epidemic, autism is an actual epidemic with 100,000 new cases per year. That is a whole new city of children who will become autistic adults, created every year, each needing a lifetime of taxpayer financed support. Lifetime support is estimated at a cost of $5,000,000 per person. Currently one in forty children come down with autism after being vaccinated. Next year that figure will be one in twenty-nine and the long term estimates are that by 2030 one out of two children will acquire autism and 80% of those will be male. It is imperative that something is done now or by 2050 there will be no one fit for the military, police force or fire departments.

If dismissing false epidemics and warning people of true epidemics is considered political and not allowed at Mother Earth News conventions then I will not participate and remain censored and banned.

David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.