Kelly Pomeroy, M.H.

Some words of wisdom I’ve received have sounded in my ear lately. It is this, if you are prepared you shall not fear. It has come to my mind often as I have faced circumstances that were challenging whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual in nature.

This February, the School of Natural Healing and Christopher Publications were invited to participate in the Empowering Fearless Birth Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a wonderful event full of people trying to make a difference in their own lives and those around them. They came wanting healthier pregnancies, births and parenting experiences. Don’t stop reading if you are not a woman or are not pregnant. The principles of this expo and message apply to us all.
In Dr. Christopher’s book, Herbal Home Health Care, he teaches that the time to prepare to have a healthy baby is before conception. This means, if we prepare, we will be more equipped to handle what comes ahead of us, whether that be babies, disease or life challenges. How can we prepare ourselves for life ahead? We prepare by learning and caring for ourselves in the best ways possible by what we put into us both nutritionally and emotionally.

A tired, worn out rancher once asked Dr. Christopher for help with fatigue. He had so much work to do but neither he nor his family had energy for it. Dr. Christopher recommended the rancher give his family the fresh carrots and grains he fed his prized cattle and horses and feed his livestock the white flour and canned foods set aside for the family. He fired back that this would surely kill his animals! There came a moment of silence and the rancher realized the message Dr. Christopher was trying to get across. He heeded the counsel and changed their family’s diet. Within a month’s time their energy was greatly improved. Below are teachings of Dr. Christopher’s on emotional and physical health. See highlighted links for detailed material.

  • Mucusless Diet “We should not put mucus into the body faster than it can be eliminated.” This is a preventative diet to clear the body of excess mucus from the lungs, bronchi, sinus, and constipating mucus throughout the body. This diet is about eliminating excess mucus and constipating foods from our diet and putting in that which truly nourishes us.

A reader once had asked for some additional thought on salt. Dr. Christopher recommends not using much salt. We need salt for our sodium potassium pump to work well. Table salt can harm the body by drawing out excess liquids, causing dehydration and is void of minerals. We can get salts from foods such as leafy greens, celery and kelp. We can also use salts like sea and Himalayan salt that have additional minerals to replenish the body.  Herbs and spices bring out flavor and provide minerals and vitamins. When using salt, let it be from the sea or earth. This is especially important with athletes who sweat out so much salt and liquid. It is important to replenish the body. Coconut water with a dash of sea or Himalayan salt is a great electrolyte drink. I highly recommend this book from Christopher Publications called Thrive, by Brendan Brazier for athletes.

  • 3 Day Cleanse “This cleansing program will purify the body so it may be healed.” This cleanse is simple, inexpensive, effective and manageable. I try to do this cleanse at least a few times a year as the seasons change. Dr. Christopher taught us how to heal. We cleanse and we nourish.
  • Emotional health In The School of Natural Healing book, Dr. Christopher teaches us the importance of emotional health. He says people can have the cleanest diet, full of herbs and fresh produce yet still get so sick. Why do they? Because they toxify their bodies with negative thoughts and feelings. He recommends spending time finding gratitude in life, looking for the good, and spending time developing our spirituality through prayer and meditation. He says it is so important, it is considered equal to a clean diet.

Dr. Christopher could have lived his life in fear. The doctors told him he would probably die in his thirties due to all the problems he had.  But he sought for knowledge and understanding and then applied what he learned. When he went in for a checkup in his 40’s, the doctor said he had the vascular system of a teenager and a clean bill of health. We may have challenges come up in our lives. Someone might tell us we won’t make it through or the situation is far too grave to survive. Dr. Christopher teaches in the Incurables, the only person that can tell you your time of death in the good Lord. So, let us learn and apply all that we can and then trust that it will see us through, as Dr. Christopher provided a living example of that for us all.

Kelly Pomeroy is a Master Herbalist and Student Adviser for the School of Natural Healing and currently working at getting her Biology degree. She is the mother of four wonderful children.