Kelly Pomeroy, M.H.

Being an avid runner and busy mom, I have developed a deep appreciation for turmeric root and Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone Formula (formerly known as BF&C). Having had such remarkable results with these herbs, I would like to share some experiences I have had with them and explain their characteristics.

After running my first marathon in 2008, I felt an enormous strain on my right knee. I would go out for a run, only to hobble back home ½ mile into the route. One of my first experiences with Dr. Christopher’s formulas and herbs began here. I learned of the Complete Tissue and Bone Formula and took it as suggested on the bottle for 3 months. The results for me were nothing shy of a miracle. By the end of three months I was running 5 miles a day with no limping or noticeable pain.

Complete Tissue and Bone was originally formulated by Dr. Christopher to help a fourteen year old girl who was covered in an extreme case of psoriasis. The doctors said it was worse than anything they had ever seen. The mother of this girl was present at a lecture Dr. Christopher was giving. She asked him to help her daughter. He offered a quick prayer that he would be guided, and step by step the formula came to him. He had her write it down and instructed the young girl to soak and do fomentations over the areas. Within six months’ time, this young girl who suffered so severely was now healthy and clear from all psoriasis. This formula has gone on to treat thousands of people and provide merciful help. Its functions are to internally and externally rebuild bone, flesh and cartilage. The herbs in this formula are: white oak bark, lungwort or comfrey, slippery elm, marshmallow root, mullein leaf, gravel root, wormwood herb, plantain leaf, skullcap herb, lobelia herb and aloe vera gel powder.

Turmeric is a tropical plant, of the ginger family, native to Asia. Its deep orange-yellow root is best known as a spice used in flavoring Indian cuisines, but it is also well known in Ayurvedic and herbal treatments.  It’s medicinally known for its anti-inflammatory action, as an antioxidant, antibacterial, antiseptic and disinfectant. It is known to help stimulate bile flow, improve liver health, improve digestion of fats and reduce gas and bloating.

I have been training for another marathon lately. Three weeks ago I began to feel great discomfort in my hip that wouldn’t seem to go away. I read up on what the possibilities could be and narrowed it down to an inflamed bursa sac on my outer hip. This is a more common injury with runners. I consulted with my cousin who is an amazing athletic trainer. With her understandings of injuries and my experience with healing herbs, I followed her counsel to ice and stay off of training until the inflammation went down. I began using 1 tablespoon of turmeric and Complete Tissue and Bone Formula several times a day. I also applied Complete Tissue and Bone ointment and Cayenne Heat ointment externally to my hip with an ice pack at least once a day. The turmeric serves to help reduce inflammation, the Tissue and Bone feeds the body so it can make repairs, and the Cayenne Heat ointment opens the tissue cells to receive more nutrients and relax the muscles. Again, the outcome is nothing shy of a miracle. I took a week off running and am now back on my running schedule. I am able to run with hardly any discomfort. I am still taking the herbs to support and continue the healing process. I am so thrilled to have these blessed herbs to soothe and nourish my body.

While many have experienced great results from this formula and turmeric, each body is unique and has different needs. I would recommend you try it out and see if it can be a benefit to you. Moreover, look into taking classes at The School of Natural Healing so that you can better understand how to help improve the health of your own body!

Kelly Pomeroy is a certified Master Herbalist, Student Adviser at The School of Natural Healing and Mother to four amazing kids.