David Christopher, M.H.

During the presidential nomination debates Gov. Rick Perry said that he couldn’t be bought by Big Pharma for $250,000.  For a mere $90,000 Big Pharma instead bought Dr. Richard Pan, a legislator from California.  Pan gave Big Pharma more bang for their buck. He essentially assured them customers for life, cradle to grave, by force of the government of California through S.B. 277.  This bill puts California in line with the two “forward thinking” states of West Virginia and Mississippi in eliminating the personal exemption for vaccinations. Pan also blazed the way for Dr. Peter Hotez.  Hotez, under the guise of being compassionate, is calling on the U.S. government and world governments in the G20 to wage war on American parents defending exemptions in vaccine laws in his article in Scientific American (March 3, 2017).  He also advocates that those concerned parents who disagree with him should be “snuffed out” which means, “to make extinct, put an end to, kill, execute” according to Mirriam Webster.

No one should be surprised with these American Benedict Arnolds who are responsible along with their medical cohorts for the deaths of thousands of babies who are sacrificed for the “good of the whole.” They actually believe that vaccines are protecting millions of American children from dreaded childhood diseases.  However, they cannot prove any lives are saved let alone millions of lives. Neither can the incredulous Dr. Paul Offit who declares that vaccine injuries are a myth and that you can safely inject 10,000 vaccines into a child at once. The truth is that neither Offit nor anyone can prove three vaccines administered together are safe. In fact studies done at the CDC that are in the congressional record show that they are not safe.  If Offit or anyone else could prove that these mercury laden vaccines are safe, then why haven’t they collected the $100,000 reward offered by Robert Kennedy Jr. and Robert De Niro?  This reward is available to anyone who can produce one medical study that proves the safety of mercury laced vaccines. Obviously Dr. Offit hasn’t done the research necessary to back up his claim that vaccine injuries are a myth. We have however, and the 4 billion dollars paid out to vaccine victim’s families is a matter of public record.  It is also a matter of record how many families of vaccine damaged children are denied compensation. The published injury and death facts don’t even scratch the surface of mayhem perpetrated on the American public by lying physicians like Dr. Offit who convince parents that the vaccines administered had nothing to do with the death and injury of their children.

None of this will change until the 1986 vaccine legislation that shields Big Pharma from litigation is reversed and manufacturers, pharmacists and doctors are held accountable for their actions. 
For more depth on this subject that can’t be covered in a newsletter article please follow the link to this presentation by the Director of National Vaccine Information Center.
David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.