Tonya Judd, M.H.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to volunteer at an event.  I was assigned to work in the underground parking area. Halfway through this assignment I started to feel dizzy and light headed, I had a headache, and my arms started aching.  As I analyzed these symptoms I realized that these were the same symptoms that had occurred a few months previous and what I was experiencing was carbon monoxide poising.  Knowing that I needed fresh air, I walked up towards the street level to breath in some cleaner air.  By the time my shift was over and I was headed home, I was not feeling well at all.  I had started coughing and was experiencing tightness in my chest.  My past experience with carbon monoxide poisoning was not as serious and was something that I was able to remedy quite quickly and easily.  This incident proved to be much different as I was exposed for an extended amount of time - 5 hours to be exact.

Carbon monoxide inhibits the blood stream from carrying oxygen to the organs and other areas of the body, especially the brain, heart, lungs and can severely affect the central nervous system. 

Consider this analogy:  The hemoglobin is like a small bus that can transport or hold up to 8 commuters (molecules).  This bus was made to transport commuters (oxygen) to their job sites (your body).  Now let’s imagine that 8 bullies (carbon monoxide) board the bus and take all the space that the usual 8 commuters (oxygen) occupy.  The bus leaves with the bullies (carbon monoxide) and none of the regular commuters (oxygen) are transported to their needed destination.

If you suspect you have carbon monoxide poisoning, the first thing to do is to remove yourself and others nearby from the source.  If you are exhibiting severe symptoms, you may need to get immediate help wherein you can receive extra oxygen.

The sources of carbon monoxide fumes are many and you can be affected in your home, workplace, and even in places of recreation.  Some sources may include heating elements within your home or workplace that use natural gas, oil, wood, propane or coal.  For example, furnaces that burn natural gas, oil, wood and propane and fireplaces that burn gas, wood and coal.  The list continues: barbecue grills, gasoline or diesel powered generators, garden implements that use fuel, any gasoline powered tools, paint, construction equipment, and vehicles that use gas, oil, propane and diesel.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning symptoms include flu-like symptoms but also include, but are not limited to the following:

Headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, seizures, confusion, blurred vision, increased heartbeat, chest pain, rapid breathing/shortness of breath, being extremely sleepy or extremely tired, diarrhea, feeling weak, urinary incontinence, feeling confused, depressed and irritated.  Severe symptoms include coma and death.

Whether you are dealing with recent or long term effects of carbon monoxide poisoning, keep in mind that our bodies are created to heal when given the proper nutrients.  I found that using the following protocol worked wonderfully for me:

•    Epson salt baths using 2 -3 pounds of Epson salts to help pull the toxins from the body.

•    Drink large amounts of lemon water.  Lemon has the ability to help cleanse toxins from the body and flush them out.

•    Eat a lot of garlic and apples.  Dr. Christopher describes why garlic is a great carrier of oxygen:  “The garlic clove contains a very high amount of sulphur; sulphur is one of the best minerals to be used as an oxygen carrier. Oxygen is the breath of life and sulphur will carry the oxygen in the body directly to the infected area.”  Apples have the ability to bind and remove toxins from the system as well as oxygenate the blood.

•    Dr. Christopher’s Memory Plus formula - this formula is used to cleanse, rebuild and increase circulation to the brain.

•    Dr. Christopher’s Heavy Mineral Bugleweed formula - to help remove toxins and chemicals from the body.

•    Dr. Christopher’s Blood Stream Formula combined with the Lower Bowel formula - to cleanse the blood stream and rebuild and cleanse circulatory system.

•    Enema to immediately clean out the bowels.

•    Drink distilled water to help pull the toxins from your system and keep your body hydrated.

•    Fresh juices including fresh citrus juices.  “Citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes, etc., are principally composed of citric acid, which is one third oxygen.” [HHH p.33]

•    Alternate Nostril Breathing, also known as Nadi Shodhana, to flood the brain with oxygen.  You can read how this is done with a simple search on the internet.

•    Essential Oils - frankincense, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary are great for oxygenation and repair.

•    Cayenne - helps with circulation and cleansing of the blood and repairing damaged cells.

•    Sleep - get plenty of sleep to allow your body to heal and repair.

•    Fresh air - I slept with my window open to ensure I was breathing fresh air all night long.

•    Relax-eze to help repair the nervous system.

•    I also used Reflexology and worked on the organs that I felt were needing attention.

•    Prayer - I was very guided to know what herbs to use and what to do to heal my body!

Tonya Judd is a Master Herbalist graduate of the School of Natural Healing.