by David Christopher, M.H.

Symptoms: Numbness, tingling, and pain in the thumb and fingers, that often worsens at night.

CauseCarpel Tunnel Syndrome is caused from pressure on the median nerve where it passes into the hand via a gap (the “carpel tunnel”) under a ligament at the front of the wrist.

Herbal Aids: Instead of corticosteroids or surgery, we would use large quantities (5 capsules, 5 times per day, minimum) of Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone formula.  We would also make a fomentation with his bulk BF&C. We would soak strips of cotton cloth in a strong tea, made from the BF&C, which would be wrapped around the wrists, with plastic wrap around the soaked cotton, and then an ace bandage or an old sock (with the toe cut off) to secure it in place.  Alternating hot and cold applications are used on top of this preparation at the rate of 12 minutes hot and 4 minutes cold alternating constantly for at least an hour.  Heating pads and Ice bags work great.  When the fomentation is not worn then this same formula in a massage oil should be liberally applied to the area, followed by Dr. Christopher’s Cayenne Ointment. This should be applied hourly.  This is the best treatment for Carpel tunnel syndrome.