November 24th, 2014Pancreas

Jacque Wardle, M.H.


The pancreas is part of the endocrine and digestive systems. As part of the endocrine system, the pancreas secretes two hormones, insulin and glucagon. Insulin promotes the transport of glucose across the plasma membranes, which increases the uptake of cellular glucose, and glucagon works with insulin to regulate blood glucose levels. As part of the digestive system the pancreas produces enzymes that digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.


When the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin or the body cells do not respond to the insulin, glucose is not available to the cells in the body. When this condition occurs, the liver must compensate by increasing glucose production from glycogen and amino acids. This causes the blood sugar to rise above normal levels which is known as hyperglycemia or diabetes.


When we have diabetes we are taught to take insulin. When taking insulin into our body, the pancreas does not need to work and will become dormant. Dr. Christopher always taught that we need to cure the cause and not treat the symptoms. I love his story of how a gentleman came to see him one day because he could not urinate very well. Dr. Christopher was in a hurry and didn’t have time to mix up a diuretic formula for him. He explained to the gentleman that he needed to chew some fresh Juniper berries and make up some tea with them. This gentleman agreed to do so since he had a juniper tree growing in his backyard.

Weeks later the gentleman returned because his urination problem wasn’t any better, confused Dr. Christopher asked to see the juniper berries he was using. Once seeing the juniper berries, he realized that the gentleman had been eating cedar berries instead of juniper berries. As they spoke the gentleman mentioned that since taking the cedar berries he had reduced his intake of insulin. Dr. Christopher was excited because this was the break through that he was waiting for on how to heal the pancreas instead of always treating the cause.

Recently I have had the chance to help a family member that was having kidney problems due to diabetes. We started her on the Kidney Formula and a week later she began the Pancreas Formula. By the following week she was reducing her insulin intake. As she continues to work on cleaning up her diet and following with the Kidney and Pancreas formulas, she is receiving great benefits.

I am very grateful for Dr. Christopher and his willingness to listen to the promptings that he received. My family’s’ lives as well as my own have been greatly enriched from the knowledge I have received from Dr. Christopher and The School of Natural Healing.


Jacque Wardle is a Master Herbalist, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor. Being a Master Herbalist has allowed her to introduce a more natural aspect into her student’s wellness programs. Her contact is

August 25th, 2014Adrenal Burnout

Tara Pierce M.H.


One of the Adrenal glands main functions is acting as a buffer to stress. They do not differentiate between physical and mental stress and respond in the same way to both. Every type of stress influences these glands; injury, divorce, work, finances, diets, pain, excessive exercise, junk food, kids, spouse, menstruation and so on. It is easy to get stuck in a stress cycle and over work these glands into burnout. Burnout is defined as a major breakdown in the energy producing systems of the body. It goes far beyond fatigue and can be devastating to every aspect of one’s life.


The number one symptom of Adrenal Burnout Syndrome is exhaustion or chronic fatigue. Some other symptoms are cravings for sweets or attraction to stimulants, difficulty with digestion, weight gain around the belly leaving arms and legs thin, inability to cope with daily life, hypoglycemia or diabetes, changes in mood and personality, depression, fears and phobias, anxiety, lack of interest in appearance, loss of concentration, shortness of breath, dark circles around the eyes, puffiness in the face and edema in the feet, and loss of muscle tone, among others. Adrenal burnout can be triggered by a single severe stress but more often it occurs slowly after years of imbalance in life and inadequate nutrition.


Recovering from adrenal burnout involves dedication to re-evaluating one’s life and making the necessary lifestyle changes to decrease and even eliminate unnecessary stress. A good clean diet full of live, whole foods is essential as is using plenty of digestive enzymes to boost assimilation of nutrients. I would also recommend doing Dr. Christopher’s Extended Herbal Cleansewith the addition of the Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula. To treat the burnout specifically I would add Dr. Christopher’s Adrenal, Thyroid Maintenance, and Master Gland Formula’s. Recovery can take time, but the more dedicated you are to treating yourself right the quicker you will regain your energy and strength to feel like yourself again.


Tara Pierce is a Certified Master Herbalist Graduate from The School of Natural Healing.

January 31st, 2014Cedar (Juniperus monosperma)

 Tara Pierce H


Traditionally, Cedar (as it is commonly known around here) has been used by native peoples to treat dandruff, as an aid in childbirth, reduce swelling in sprains and bruises, influenza, headache, and used as an emetic. Today the medicinal uses seem to focus toward the pancreas and have helped many people balance their blood sugar whether high (diabetes) or low (hypoglycemia).


Dr. Christopher discovered this accidently with the help of a patient who was having trouble voiding his urine. Dr. Christopher advised him to take Juniper berries, fresh or made into a tea, and he would be helped. Weeks later the man returned and said that the Juniper berries had been no help to him. After examining the berries it was discovered that he had been using Cedar berries which are similar in looks to the juniper but contain only one seed (monosperma) where juniper berries contain 5-7 seeds. Dr. Christopher got the man some Juniper berries for his ailment but upon thanking Dr. Christopher the man told him he would continue to use the cedar berries because he had been able to cut down on the use of insulin for his diabetes. Dr. Christopher was astounded and excited! He had the man increase the amount of cedar berries he was using and within a few months his pancreas was healed and producing its own insulin.


My husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 7 years ago at age 36. It used to be rare to find a type 1 over the age of 30 but due to the increase of auto immune diseases it is on the rise. After reading the story stated above, we decided to experiment with Cedar berries and see what effect it had on his insulin use. I had also read that fresh ground flax seed has been found to reduce insulin use so we decided to use them both together. Two weeks ago he started taking 12 cedar berries and 2 Tbls. of flax seed each day. He grinds them together each morning (Nutri-Bullet) and takes 1/2 of the mixture in the morning and the other 1/2 at night. Just by adding this mixture to his daily routine for only two weeks he is down by 5 units a day!


Other important things to do for diabetics:


1-Mucusless Diet to cleanse and nourish the entire body and aid in weight loss.

2-Distilled water to flush built up waste.

3-Lower bowel formula (working up through the extended herbal cleanse).

4-Pancreas formula to stimulate and heal the pancreas.

5-Glandular formula to support all the glands in the body and help them work together better.

6-Immucalm formula (type 1) to help calm and “reprogram” the immune system so it stops attacking cells that are not a threat. At the same time this will also help heal and strengthen the immune system so you are not left vulnerable to invaders.


Tara Pierce is a Certified Herbalist and Master Herbalist Student at The School of Natural Healing.

January 27th, 2014Flax (Linum usitatissimum)

Tara Pierce H


Flax was brought to North America by colonists in the 1600’s. It was mainly produced for linen cloth and linseed oil used in paint for the growing colonies. With the invention of the cotton gin in the 1800’s flax production dropped dramatically as cotton gained dominance agriculturally. It wasn’t until the 1980’s when an emphasis on environmentally friendly products began that flax saw a renewed popularity.


Today flax seed and flax seed oil are both popular items used in the natural health field. Flaxseeds contain lignans, a type of phytoestrogen that may protect against breast and prostate cancers. Flaxseed is the best plant source of healthy omega-3’s which are also found in fish. Flaxseed is a rare plant-based complete protein source. It contains every amino acid that your body can’t make on its own. Flaxseed also contains both soluble and insoluble fiber which helps regulate bowel function and prevent constipation.


Here are some of the many health benefits you may see from consuming 1-2 Tbls. per day of ground flaxseed (brown or golden) or flaxseed oil.

-Decreases the risk of developing heart disease.
-Lowers total cholesterol.
-Strengthens the immune system.
-Lowers the amount of insulin used by diabetics.
-Helps alleviate pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis.
-Improves symptoms of depression and improves mental function.
-Helps alleviate dry skin and some forms of eczema and psoriasis.
-Helps alleviate hair loss and dandruff.
-Helps improve the metabolism and absorption of calcium.
-Traditionally used for hot flashes and breast pain.


It is important to not heat or cook with the oil because it destroys the beneficial properties. Instead the oil should be added to smoothies or yogurt or combined with apple cider vinegar to make a salad dressing. Ground seed can be added to smoothies, granola bars, and breads or sprinkled over salads or cereal. The seeds must be ground in order to be used nutritionally in the body. (Fresh ground is best.)


Tara Pierce is a Certified Herbalist and Master Herbalist Student at The School of Natural Healing.

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