November 24th, 2014Fall Blowout!

With the holidays just around the corner Christopher’s publications is having a Fall Blowout. This gives everyone the opportunity to purchase some slightly damaged books (they looked new to me) and some older editions for amazing prices. These make great stocking stuffers! Or give them to friends for a little nudge toward a life of health and healing.


“Transfiguration Diet” by Littlegreen Inc.’s Think Tank (slightly damaged) $4.00

This book explains the basics of changing your diet to be in harmony with the teachings of Dr. John R. Christopher. Timeless, true health practices are taught and it will help you recognize who is in charge of your health.

There is instruction on foods to avoid and all the wonderful foods that can be enjoyed. It will teach you how to make the transition easier while completely transforming your life to one that rejuvenates and improves health. Examples and recipes are included.




“An Herbal Legacy of Courage” by David Christopher (An older edition, but all the same great content) $3.00

This is an incredible book that should be in every home. This book truly opens the mind to the possibilities of all the amazing creations we have been given to heal our bodies through the story of America’s foremost modern pioneer in Natural Healing. This is the story of Dr. John R. Christopher’s life and journey to health, healing and blessing countless lives with his knowledge. Bless someone’s life by giving this book and instilling hope of renewed health into their life.





“Herbs to the Recue” by Kurt King (An older edition, but all the same great content) $5.00

Be ready for any emergency with this book! Learn some plants that grow everywhere that can be used in emergency situations. Learn the basics in first aid procedures and put your mind at ease knowing you are prepared to take care of unexpected situations.





June 30th, 2014My Journey

Cynthia Sumner


In my early 20’s when I was in my first years of marriage, with a brand new baby, I had the blessing of learning about The School of Natural Healing. My husband faced some health issues from living out of the country; I had health issues from eating mostly dead food my whole life and emotional trauma from a dysfunctional home. And on top of everything I worried about how to take care of my baby when she had fevers and earaches.


I had a very touching and real experience as I listened and watched some of the teachings from Dr. Christopher. From the top of my head, through my body, down to my toes, I felt a surge of energy, almost a voice that told me I would be mentored and educated through the School of Natural Healing and one day teach and consult individuals to heal. As I studied, experienced and opened my heart and mind truths flowed to me. I knew that I had a gift and responsibility to support and educate individuals to heal physically so they could heal emotionally and spiritually.

I was able to use what I learned to help my husband heal, myself heal physically and emotionally and to build a foundation of confidence to know what my baby needed and how to take care of her. How wonderful it felt to be self-sufficient. Knowledge is power!

With my second pregnancy I began to miscarry at 3 months. I read all I could and prayed. I was impressed to use specific herbs and to eat a strict healthy diet. It was easy to do because I knew it was for this spirit that needed to come to earth. I delivered that baby boy full term, the doctor told me my son was a miracle baby and that he really didn’t think he had any chance of making it. The same problems happened with my last 2 pregnancies and both were delivered full term healthy and strong! I know my knowledge of the body and what it needs allowed my three sons to grow strong inside me and to bless this world with their presence. What a blessing it has been not only for my family in so many ways, too many to share here, but for hundreds of my clients now. I have watched client after client heal from tumors, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, infertility, depression, anxiety, excess weight, skin problems and more. More importantly, and usually surprising to my clients, is the clarity, confidence, self- love, success, renewal in relationships with spouse, kids, parents, co-workers and best of all God. Clarity allows us to see the opportunities that have always been there or to attract opportunities to us. Joy, purpose and a desire to help others is the result of finding balance.


If you are interested in support on your journey to finding balance, support that is in accordance with the teachings of Dr. Christopher, click on this link:


 My coaching includes:

-Monthly one on one consultation with me and an Emotional Health Coach

-Weekly Group calls, Short Videos, Audios and Simple Worksheets to motivate and educate

-Weekly Accountability through email

-Personalized Nutritional Guide, Recipes, Shopping List Guide and much more!


Need new healthy recipes? Visit my website for my Happy. Healthy. Clean. Living recipe book, with over 200 wholesome and raw, delicious 


Thank you Dr. John R. Christopher and his son David Christopher, for this life changing education!! If you have been thinking about signing up for any courses from The School of Natural Healing I am here to urge you to do it! Even if it’s just for yourself, it will be one of the best investments you ever make. Here is a quick link to the school’s courses:

Cynthia Sumner is a Master Herbalist graduate of the School of Natural Healing. She is also a Wholistic Health Coach, Herbal Nutritionist and speaker. You can contact her through her website above or by calling 801.369.1235

January 31st, 2014Holistic Iridology

 Not only was Dr. Christopher a renowned herbalist but he was also an iridologist. When people came to him with health concerns, it wasn’t uncommon for him to check them with Iridology before advising them. You may be wondering, what is Iridology? Iridology is the science of analyzing the delicate structures of the iris of the eye. It is a tool to assess the integrity of the

tissues in the body, (your body’s constitution), inherent weaknesses and inherent strengths. By knowing your bodies weaknesses, you can do much to prevent having trouble in a particular area. For example, in my iris, I show an inherent weakness in my lungs. Because I know this I can do a lot to strengthen my lungs, such as never smoking, deep breathing, exercise and taking Dr. Christopher’s Lung and Bronchial formula which is extremely valuable in strengthening and healing the entire respiratory tract.


After going through the School of Natural Healings’ Master Herbalist program, I decided to also take their Iridology program. When I was a young teen, I saw an Iridology book at my neighbors’ house and I was so intrigued that I never forgot about that book. It wasn’t until years later that I went to a class David Christopher was teaching and saw this same book on a display table. I thought, “There is that book on eyes again!” Little did I know I would be devouring its pages and studying from the best in the field of Iridology in just a few years.


The School of Natural Healings’ course on Holistic Iridology is taught by Dr. David J. Pesek. I’ve been through a few other Iridology classes and none of them are as extensive and in depth as this course, it is incredible! Upon finishing the course you will have all the knowledge of Iridology to feel confident in using it. Last year the School of Natural Healing and David Pesek created a new iridology chart featuring Dr. Christopher’s herbal formulas. This chart is based on David Pesek’s Holistic Iridology Chart but is color coded so you can quickly find which formula of Dr. Christopher’s would help to cleanse, nourish and strengthen that particular area of the body.


Dr. Christopher is known throughout the world for his wisdom in the area of natural healing, his inspired herbal formulas, his compassion for those who were ill and suffering and his devotion and love for teaching. Because of his many attributes and contributions to natural healing, his use of Iridology is not always recognized. The three levels of Holistic Iridology at the School of Natural Healings “College of Iridology,” honors the true gift Dr. Christopher had in the field of Iridology and provides another tool for us to strengthen and heal the body.


If you are interested in learning more about Holistic Iridology please follow this link.


Judith Carter is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing. She also graduated from the International Institute of Iridology as a Holistic Iridologist and is certified in acupressure.

January 31st, 2014Cedar (Juniperus monosperma)

 Tara Pierce H


Traditionally, Cedar (as it is commonly known around here) has been used by native peoples to treat dandruff, as an aid in childbirth, reduce swelling in sprains and bruises, influenza, headache, and used as an emetic. Today the medicinal uses seem to focus toward the pancreas and have helped many people balance their blood sugar whether high (diabetes) or low (hypoglycemia).


Dr. Christopher discovered this accidently with the help of a patient who was having trouble voiding his urine. Dr. Christopher advised him to take Juniper berries, fresh or made into a tea, and he would be helped. Weeks later the man returned and said that the Juniper berries had been no help to him. After examining the berries it was discovered that he had been using Cedar berries which are similar in looks to the juniper but contain only one seed (monosperma) where juniper berries contain 5-7 seeds. Dr. Christopher got the man some Juniper berries for his ailment but upon thanking Dr. Christopher the man told him he would continue to use the cedar berries because he had been able to cut down on the use of insulin for his diabetes. Dr. Christopher was astounded and excited! He had the man increase the amount of cedar berries he was using and within a few months his pancreas was healed and producing its own insulin.


My husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 7 years ago at age 36. It used to be rare to find a type 1 over the age of 30 but due to the increase of auto immune diseases it is on the rise. After reading the story stated above, we decided to experiment with Cedar berries and see what effect it had on his insulin use. I had also read that fresh ground flax seed has been found to reduce insulin use so we decided to use them both together. Two weeks ago he started taking 12 cedar berries and 2 Tbls. of flax seed each day. He grinds them together each morning (Nutri-Bullet) and takes 1/2 of the mixture in the morning and the other 1/2 at night. Just by adding this mixture to his daily routine for only two weeks he is down by 5 units a day!


Other important things to do for diabetics:


1-Mucusless Diet to cleanse and nourish the entire body and aid in weight loss.

2-Distilled water to flush built up waste.

3-Lower bowel formula (working up through the extended herbal cleanse).

4-Pancreas formula to stimulate and heal the pancreas.

5-Glandular formula to support all the glands in the body and help them work together better.

6-Immucalm formula (type 1) to help calm and “reprogram” the immune system so it stops attacking cells that are not a threat. At the same time this will also help heal and strengthen the immune system so you are not left vulnerable to invaders.


Tara Pierce is a Certified Herbalist and Master Herbalist Student at The School of Natural Healing.

January 27th, 2014Dr. Christopher’s Burn Paste

Tonya Judd M.H.


In my last newsletter submission I spoke about having an herbal first aid kit for emergencies. One of the items I suggested was Dr. Christopher’s Burn Paste. I recently had my first hands on experience with Dr. Christopher’s Burn paste.  A few months previous I felt that I should make the Burn Paste to have on hand just in case.   I had mixed a batch together and had been storing it in my refrigerator.


I was making a meal and did not realize that the burner had been turned on and as I tasted the recipe to see if it tasted “just right”, I scalded my tongue.  Anyone who has ever done this knows that it is not the most pleasant experience.  I thought, “great, now what do I do?”  It always amazes me that when someone asks me what they should do for a particular ailment I seem to have no trouble coming up with suggestions to help them heal, but when it comes to myself that is not always the case.  This time though, I felt that I should try the Dr. Christopher’s Burn Paste on my tongue.  Now lest any of you think that this should not be placed in the mouth, let me reassure you that these are all ingestible ingredients.  I placed the burn paste on my tongue and held it on by pressing my tongue against the side of my cheek.   I was able to keep this on for about an hour before I spit the burn paste out and rinsed my mouth.  This is not the most delicious concoction, but, the results were amazing to say the least.   My tongue was completely healed after just one hour of this application.

Dr. Christopher’s Burn Paste formula can be used for many other ailments including: abrasions, cuts, sprains and for the external healing of broken bones.  When using on external burns place the paste on 1/2 - 3/4″ thick and more burn paste added on top of the each previous application without cleaning off the old application.


Dr. Christopher has some amazing healing experiences with this formula which you can read more about at


Dr. Christopher’s Burn Paste can be made by mixing together in equal parts:

Wheat Germ Oil - is high in vitamin E and is high in anti-oxidants with help with regeneration and healing of the skin while keeping the skin pliable.

Raw Honey - speeds the healing of damaged tissues, is antibacterial, anti-fungal and anit-viral.  Honey is a natural anti-biotic and is loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.  Bacteria cannot live in raw honey so this keeps infection from forming.   Honey also helps to reduce scarring.

Comfrey powder OR Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone Formula with comfrey-comfrey is one of the best cell proliferant herbs available.  It helps rebuild cells and regenerates connective tissues and protects against scarring.  Dr. Christopher referred to it as “People Putty” because of its ability to heal and regenerate flesh, tissues, and bones.


You may want to make up some of this amazing burn paste to keep on hand - just in case.  You never know when you may need it.


Tonya Judd is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing and an Emotional Release practitioner.

Dr. John R. Christopher

November 25, 1909 - February 6, 1983


When I married David Christopher 39 years ago we had plans to travel to California and open up a live theater (we both graduated in theater from BYU). Then, with a baby on the way, reality set in. With no money and no one to back us, California was shelved and David accepted an offer from his father, Dr. John R. Christopher, to run his company. This decision literally changed our path in life. David spent many, many long hours ordering herbs, mixing them, packaging them, and filling orders. This was during the time that Dr. Christopher left home each Monday (armed with books and packages of herbs to sell) to lecture for a week in a particular city. He would return home on Friday to spend time with his family and then go out the following Monday again. During this time I started to “baby-sit” the small retail area we had by stocking shelves and answering the phone. While sitting at the desk I saw a pile of papers that seemed to grow larger with each passing day. Curious I looked through the pile and realized the papers were requests from all around the country and world for Dr. Christopher products and price lists. So I started to send out price lists but didn’t know how to help with all of the questions customers had. The next Saturday armed with 25 letters, a note pad and pencil, I sat on the floor of Dr. Christopher’s living room, spread out the papers and went through each letter with him. My herbal education had begun and I was fascinated. It was so simple and yet so effective. It was all just common sense.


Every weekend he would patiently tell me how to answer each letter and explained how his herbal combinations worked. Oft times there were similar questions from different people. I assumed that the answers would be the same. When I looked at him for confirmation, his eyes would be closed in meditation. “Add such and such for this one and more of this or that for that one.” He tailored each answer to each specific question. He always knew what was needed and what was right. Dr. Christopher was truly an amazing and inspired man.


Soon afterwards, David and I began to travel with Dr. Christopher to conventions throughout the U.S. Invariably I would leave David at the booth and attend each lecture. It didn’t matter how often I heard him speak or heard his stories I never grew tired of listening to him. Of course the large lecture rooms were always packed when Dr. Christopher began to speak. Looking around I could see that the audience was captivated by him. He was charismatic and charming and humble. As soon as he finished speaking I would take off back to the booth to warn David that he was coming with 100 or more people following him. We hurried and let him behind the table just before everyone descended on us. He took time to answer each question as David and I tried to keep tract of the money being literally thrown at us for this book or that book. By the time everyone left the 3 of us and the table had been pushed clear to the back of the booth! This became a common occurrence. What a crazy time we had.


Today we still see and feel Dr. Christopher’s influence in the herb and health field. His herbal combinations are truly inspired and have helped thousands of people the world over. His time tested original formulas always bring the desired results. The legacy Dr. Christopher left lives on in his products and in his School of Natural Healing. How blessed we are to continue to spread his legacy. Happy Birthday Papa, we love you.


Fawn Christopher

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