Tara Pierce Herbalist

This week is our Master Herbalist Certification Seminar. Students and teachers from across the country and around the world join us here in Springville Utah to complete their formal Herbal education at The School of Natural Healing. We always enjoy having our students share their knowledge and experiences as they have studied. Many have made serious changes to their diets and lifestyles and are reaping the rewards of good health. Additionally they are helping others to do the same.  It is very rewarding for us to see the joy their hard work has brought them.

The following are student testimonials.


Last month I got a call from my dad that my grandmother wasn’t feeling well. She had a slight fever and elevated blood pressure so they were taking her to the hospital. She was recovering from hemorrhoid surgery. Within two days of being in the hospital, she couldn’t walk, or eat and was on her second blood transfusion. Although they ran some obligatory tests, the doctors were quite calloused and just kept saying that she was 92, and this is what happens when you are 92. She continued to deteriorate and a few days later she was transferred to Hospice and the family was called in. In Hospice they will let you bring in whatever you want so I brought my juicer and started her on fresh carrot juice, Vitalerbs and Herbal Iron. We also gave her Slippery Elm Gruel. I was there for one week and watched her go from lying there helpless to sitting up, feeding herself and beginning to walk. Everyone was amazed at her recovery. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that someone as simple as I, with simple knowledge, could participate in such a miracle. Thank You. Terri J.


This course is amazing! I love it and I can’t wait to take more courses. I’ve already used the material I’ve learned to stop a miscarriage, heal an appendix episode, heal what I believe was whooping cough, regrow a fingertip that was torn off in a work accident and lots of day to day issues like colds, flu, cough, fevers…etc. EVERY episode had a great result applying the teachings from this course! Thank you! Deanna W.


I’ve been experimenting with herbs for about 15 years. I was so amazed that I hadn’t heard of your school before, but I am grateful that my path finally led me here. You have given me a much greater understanding than I had before. I am looking forward to my continuing education with your wonderful school. Thank you so much! I now believe that I will finally be able to cure my disease, instead of just trying to stay ahead of it. Wendy H.


We here at The School of Natural Healing believe that education and self-sufficiency is vital in today’s world. We are proud to provide our students with the knowledge and the confidence to care for themselves and their families in a safe and very effective manner. Look into all the courses we offer at schoolofnaturalhealing.com and see how you can take control of your own health today.


Tara Pierce is a Certified Herbalist and Master Herbalist Student at The School of Natural Healing.

October 3rd, 2013Summer Sun

Jo Francks MH

Humans have had to put up with living in the sun for all time. It’s amazing that we survived this far and didn’t all die from skin cancer considering that sunscreen has only been around for a small percentage of the time humans have been on the earth under the sun. With summer upon us we may want to go outdoors and be subject to the sun’s rays. Too much exposure all at once will result in painful sunburn. It is recommended by Dr. Christopher that gradual sun exposure is the best. Start with 5 to 10 minutes at a time and increase the amount of time every few days.


Our skin produces vitamin D from the suns UVB rays. SPF 8 sunscreen blocks 95% of UVB rays but does not block the UVA rays which some studies have shown may cause melanoma skin cancer. Interestingly vitamin D helps prevent melanoma cancer. Keep in mind that after the skin starts to turn pink it no longer manufactures vitamin D. Therefore it is not possible to overdose on vitamin D when it’s produced by the skin or from a natural food source. Most individuals are actually deficient in Vitamin D so a little bit of sun is beneficial. A little bit of sun sounds great, but what if someone is planning a day at the beach, pool or lake? Skin that is already tanned is the best protection, but if that is not possible or a person has skin that just won’t tan, then some precaution must be used. It may be necessary for some people to use sunscreen. There are natural sunscreens which use minerals such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as a barrier on the skin to block the sun’s rays (it is recommended that your own research be done on the safety of these products). Some of the chemicals in regular sunscreen have been shown to be carcinogenic.


This article is not intended to encourage you to stay out of the sun. On the contrary! Please go out in the sun and enjoy it. Walk barefoot on the grass. Breathe deeply. Swim in fresh water. Work in the garden. Connect with the earth and get grounded. Have fun! Chill out! Drink some herbal tea and relax. It’s summer!

What if one does get sunburned? That’s the time to use the wonderful gifts provided by nature. Here are a few suggestions on what to do for mild sunburn.

1. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

2. Use a fomentation of a tea made with comfrey or calendula or both and add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to each cup of tea.

3. Apply Complete Tissue and Bone oil or ointment.

4. Apply Beauty Facial Cream.

5. Use Dr. Christopher’s Burn Paste (equal parts wheat germ oil, raw liquid honey, and comfrey leaf or root powder or Complete Tissue and Bone powder)

A few people have told me that when they changed their diets to the Mucusless Diet, taught at The School of Natural Healing, they didn’t experience sunburn as much as they did before the dietary changes.

This is a wonderful time of year and there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables available. Hopefully they are growing organically in your own garden. Have a happy healthy summer!


Jo Francks is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing. She is also a Holistic Iridologist and Quantum Touch practitioner. 

October 3rd, 2013Prickly Pear

David Christopher MH

For this newsletter, you may wonder why I would pick a plant so local to my area of the country and may be irrelevant to a large number of subscribers.  Well, this cactus is actually quite widespread.  Most of us are aware that it can be abundant in the Southwest part of the United States, but in actuality this native American plant can be found anywhere between the Pacific Ocean (as far north as British Columbia)on the west and the Appalachian Mountains to the East.

The main use of this plant for me would be as a drawing poultice, after removing the barbs and outer skin.  This filleted pad can then be placed right on contusions, bruises and burns to remove the damaged blood and disorganized interstitial trapped fluids.  It is left on for several hours while it diffuses into the pad and then turned over and/or replaced with a new pad.  The Aloe Vera like gel softens the skin and lessens the pain.  A Prickly Pear pad could also be cut into smaller strips and placed between the gums and cheeks for periodontal disease.

The flower petals can be used for varicose veins or any other capillary fragility, partly because of their high flavonoid content.  Be careful in harvesting the flower petals and clean off any glochids that might have caught a ride.  These glochids are spiny leaf hairs that incessantly get into your skin and are hard to remove.

When harvesting these cactus pads and fruit use heavy gloves and burn the prickles and hairs off.  If a campfire or flame torch, isn’t available grind them in the dirt to remove as much prickles as possible and then peel the skin with a good knife.  Both are edible and the fruits are incredibly delicious.  The juice from the pad has been effective in helping to control high blood sugar.  You can save yourself a lot of trouble by purchasing them already skinned at a Latin Mercado.
For more information on desert plants I would recommend purchasing Michael Moore’s Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West available at Christopher Publications.
David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer. 

September 30th, 2013Redmond Clay

Mishelle Knuteson M.H.

I so enjoy when I try an experiment and it works. Now I want to share the news with everyone. A couple of months ago my son had warts on his toes. He tried several of the herbal aids taught by Dr. Christopher in Herbal Home Health Care before he told me about it. We didn’t have any milkweed in the area because our snow had just melted off and he had tried garlic previously without good results. I had recently learned about Redmond Clay and thought we should give it a try.

I made a poultice with the clay by mixing about 2 tablespoons of clay with water and castor oil to the consistency of paste. I then added about 5 drops of frankincense essential oil. I placed this mixture on his warts and wrapped it with gauze to keep it from getting all over everything. When he showered we removed the gauze and let the paste wash away and then we immediately replaced the clay when he was out of the shower. Within the week we saw that the root of the wart was turning black and dying off. We were so amazed! We haven’t seen anything work so fast and so completely.

So what is Redmond Clay? Redmond Clay is from volcanic ash that fell into a prehistoric sea. One such deposit lies near Redmond Utah where it was discovered by farmers in the area, thus its name, Redmond Clay. Redmond Clay is unique because it is high in both calcium and sodium making the clay an unusual combination of both bentonite and montmorillonite clay.
The four key areas that give the clay the ability to influence health are adsorption, absorption, pH level and trace minerals.

Adsorption - Is the ability to help your body rid itself of toxins. Redmond Clay acts like a magnet and the toxins are like little pieces of metal. Once the toxins are attracted to the clay it is easy for the body to dispose of the “magnet” and “metal bits.”

Absorption - Unlike adsorption which functions like a magnet, absorption functions like a sponge, which is a slower and less selective process. This gives Redmond Clay a strong pulling capacity to draw infection and toxins out of the body when applied externally and a swelling capacity which helps bind more effectively to toxins internally.

pH - Redmond Clay is quite alkaline and has proven to help neutralize the body.

Minerals - There are more than 60 trace minerals found in the clay.


Typically, Redmond Clay is hydrated by using two parts water to one part clay. Once the clay is hydrated it will never dry out, separate or go bad if it is stored in an airtight container. Temperature extremes don’t affect the clay so it can be stored wherever it is convenient.

You may want to try an experiment with the clay. I was very happy with the results we had. The recipe below is for a cleanse that one of our master herbalist used with great results.


For more information on ways to use Redmond Clay visit their website at www.redmondclay.com


Mishelle Knuteson is certified in Rapid Eye Technology (RET) an emotional release therapy, teaches classes in The Art of Feminine Presence and a Master Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. Mishelle currently works as an Educative Master Herbalist (MH) for The School of Natural Healing and as Office Manager of Christopher Publications.


September 30th, 2013Startling Case of Hives

M. Fisher

Recently, my two year old broke out in a startling case of hives. They came out of nowhere and rapidly spread across her face and body; burning and making her skin itch. Though alarming and concerning, I assumed given my own allergies, and her recent exposure to an exotic Persian cat, that she was having an allergic reaction to the cat. My husband and I watched her closely, but decided to take her to the doctor to confirm she would be alright.

The doctors’ office was frustrating as the Dr. spent very little time listening to me, or evaluating my child. He then told me that she was not having an allergic reaction, but that she had strep throat and that it was relatively common for children to break out into a rash with strep throat. A moment after he “diagnosed” her, he left, ordered the strep culture, and left me, more than a little confused. My daughter did not have a fever, nor had she complained of a sore throat.

At length, the doctor came back to tell me that the strep culture came back negative and proceeded to tell me that she had a viral infection instead. I reasserted that she did not exhibit any symptoms of an illness, and still had no fever. He insisted again that she had a viral illness, and informed me that the hives could last up to 6 weeks, and that if they had not resolved in 2 months, then I should come back. I about fell out of my chair, 6 weeks?? Not better in 2 months?? I stared in disbelief as the doctor nonchalantly left the room, and I decided that there must be a better solution. I promptly went home, cleaned car seats and clothes to get rid of any pet dander, and called my good friend Fawn Christopher. She recommended Kid-e-Soothe to calm my toddler’s immune system.

We immediately gave her the Kid-e-Soothe and to my great relief, the hives went away; quickly, safely, and without any harmful side effects. I did not have to worry if she weighed enough to give her Bendadryl, Zyrtec, or any other medicine the doctor had suggested, nor did I have to worry about her becoming drowsy as a result. I did not have to wrestle her and pin her down to give her the medicine, for the Kid-e-Soothe was easy on her palette as well as her stomach. But my biggest comfort was that I did not have to worry about having my toddler covered with hives for 6-8 weeks.

After the hives had dissipated and I conducted some studious research, I have discovered that it is possible to develop a case of hives with the onset of a viral infection, but as of yet, I am unconvinced that this was the case with my daughter. Short of going back to visit the exotic cat there is no way to show who was correct. But for me, it is mostly irrelevant. I have found a product (and subsequently a whole line of products) that I can feel safe in giving my child when she is ill. I have found a solution that I can feel good about. And with the proper education and information, I can take these herbs and take care of my family.


M. Fisher is a mother of two, and a new Student in the School of Natural Healing.

by Anita Call, MH, Dip.H.Ir.

The first emergency happened to me. I sliced open my thumb with a knife. The wound was fairly deep and bled quite a bit. I called a couple of my children to go and find me some herbs and essential oils in my bedroom. Needless to say, they couldn’t find the items I needed for my wound. I bandaged my thumb firmly to stop the bleeding, and went to look for the items myself. I found the items needed to prevent infection and put them into the wound. X-Ceptic and Essential oils are great to prevent infection. I began putting on the Beauty Facial Cream several times a day (or use the Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment) and within ten days the wound was completely healed with no scar. 

The second emergency happened to a friend of mine who lives in my area. She was cleaning her house and knelt down on a large darning needle that was hidden in the rug, which embedded in her knee. She was able to get the needle out of her knee, but within a few hours her knee and leg all the way down to her foot were quite swollen. Infection had set into her leg and knee, and she was in too much pain to get off the chair she was sitting in and she could barely walk. She called me looking for some plantain. Plantain is a good herb for blood poisoning and will reduce swelling and inflammation. I again scrambled around looking for my supplies and finally found some of them and rushed over to her house. She was making a poultice of BF&C and using it on her knee. I explained to her that we needed to get the infection out of the knee before we should start to heal it with the BF&C. The infection always needs to be dealt with first to prevent the infection spreading throughout the body. I started by first putting on the Black Ointment at the location where the needle penetrated the skin and left it on for about thirty minutes to draw out any infection. Then we wiped that off, and started putting on the Stings and Bites ointment, since that is all that I could find containing Plantain in the minutes I had to grab my supplies. We applied X-Ceptic, Garlic Oil, and essential oils along with the plantain every fifteen to twenty minutes all over the knee and on the bottom of the foot for infection. At the same time, I had her take the Lymphatic Formula orally about every twenty minutes. After about an hour and a half, the swelling had gone down considerably and the pain had greatly decreased. I left the Stings and Bites Ointment and Lymphatic Formula with her, and she continued to use them for the next twenty-four hours. When the infection was completely gone, she then used the Complete Tissue and Bone formula to finish healing the knee and any damage done by the needle within the knee.

Dr. Christopher has shared several accounts of using plantain to heal. He states “We had a man come to us for help who had blood poisoning. Red streaks were running up his arm; he had a large lump under the arm pit, and he was in extreme pain. His fingers were swollen so large that his hands were spread wide. We simply bruised some leaves of the plantain herb, made them into a poultice and applied it over the entire arm. Within twenty-four hours the fingers were normal, the lump was gone, and the tell-tale red line had entirely disappeared. The herb had drawn the poison completely out.” [SNH p.54]

The lesson learned from these two experiences is to always have ready an Herbal First Aid Kit along with the book, Herbs to the Rescue by Kurt King. When there is an emergency, we can be prepared to respond quickly instead of scrambling around looking for the items needed to help in the emergency. My children will be able to find the kit and use it. We will be ready for whatever emergency may come our way!

Anita Call is a Master Herbalist, a graduate of The School of Natural Healing, and is a Diplomate in Holistic Iridology from the International Institute of Iridology. She is also studying to become a Certified Aromatherapist and a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS).

Printable Version: http://www.herballegacy.com/

by Barbara Parshley MH 

A bit ago, I finally had to confront some long term serious pain in my arm and shoulder. I often had no use of my right arm and hand - sometimes I couldn’t even open a door. It turned out I had a compressed disc in my neck and a partially torn rotator cuff on my right shoulder. 

Finally, I put a fomentation of Dr. Christopher’s Bone, Flesh and Cartilage formula, (BF &C) on my neck and shoulder. In one day, the pain was tremendously reduced, frankly about gone! Though the pain was gone, I knew it wasn’t healed. Whenever I went to use my right arm the weakness remained and certain movements were still painful. It took time and creativity to keep a fomentation on my shoulder and neck for long periods of time but generally I was able to accomplish it throughout the day on some days, only nights on others. It took time to accomplish complete healing, but I now have total use of my arm again, without the recommended cortisone shots in my shoulder. I have no idea what a Doctor would have done for the compressed disc in the neck. I never asked that question.

I have found many opportunities to share Bone, Flesh and Cartilage with others to help them also. A friend, who is a doctor, injured his knee. He had been walking around on this very painful swollen knee for three weeks before I heard about it. Ironically, he didn’t want to go to his doctor! So I shared with him what I would have done if I had such an injury and he agreed to try it. He took a day off and kept a fomentation on his knee. Nervously, I called a day later to find out how he was doing. He said that overnight he had a 70% improvement! Since he had a comfrey plant in his yard, he continued to keep it on his knee which allowed him to walk and continue working. In the end, he did choose to finish up the healing with some minor outpatient surgery, but he knew the BF &C and the separate use of comfrey, was a tremendous help until that point.

Another friend broke and dislocated multiple bones in his foot. This injury was sure to take many painful months to heal. He too, faced surgery as the injury was quite severe - bones were not even where they belonged! He agreed to try fomentations of BF &C because the pain was more than he was willing to deal with. He is not into the concept of using herbs but was willing to try, once. Well once was all it took for him to realize how much the fomentation reduced his pain. He used this fomentation over a period of several months. He was very surprised that he did not need surgery in the end. Gosh, maybe herbs work!

I have come to love Dr. Christopher’s herbal combination Bone, Flesh and Cartilage. The benefits are tremendous! Every time I order herbs and may need just that little bit to round out my order, I add Bone, Flesh and Cartilage for my long term storage.

Barbara Parshley lives in Aurora, Colorado, and received her MH in June of 2011 from the School of Natural Healing. She periodically teaches classes in Herbology in Aurora Colorado.

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June 27th, 2012Yellow Ointment

by Jo Francks MH

Yellow ointment started out as a simple ointment made from calendula flowers. The flowers made it yellow and that is how it got its name. It was used on all kinds of wounds, rashes and skin troubles. It was remarkable as it was healing and soothing as well as helping with pain and itching. Later comfrey leaves were added to the ointment turning it more of a green color than yellow but it kept its name. Marshmallow root was added to the formulation and this seemed to be the finishing touch. With the addition of comfrey and marshmallow to the calendula, there seems to be no skin irritation that Yellow Ointment can’t help. It is a great addition to first aid kits, bathroom cabinets, emergency kits, and on the kitchen counter for easy use. So far there hasn’t been a time when it’s been used on a cut or abrasion that it hasn’t prevented infection, relieved the pain and accelerated the healing. It has been used to relieve breakouts of hives and skin rashes. It is a little yellow ointment that we wouldn’t want to be without and this is how it is made:

Take equal parts of ground calendula flowers, comfrey leaves and marshmallow root. Put the combined herb mixture into a glass jar and fill 2/3 full. Fill the jar the rest of the way with olive oil. Cap tightly and set the jar in a warm place for 2 weeks. Strain the oil and herbs through a muslin cloth and reserve the oil. Add one ounce of beeswax per seven ounces of oil. Heat the mixture until the beeswax is melted, pour into ointment jars and you have a very nice ointment you can use.

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June 7th, 2012Cayenne

 By: Barbara Parshley MH

My favorite herb changes quite frequently. Today it happens to be cayenne. In the Family Herbalist course, a course I highly recommend to all, we learned how it would stop a bloody nose almost immediately. Given my grandchildren are around frequently, I had the opportunity to try this remedy. My granddaughter had a bloody nose for about 10 minutes before she came to share that information with me. I was new to the Family Herbalist course at the time, so I thought I would try putting a little cayenne into water.  She drank the water and the nose that had been profusely bleeding, stopped before the glass of cayenne water was finished.


Today, about two years after this first experiment with cayenne, I was using a rotary cutter to cut the many yards of material I use for quilting. I have done this for years, but today, for the first time, the rotary cutter came close to taking off much of my left index finger. Oh, did it bleed! I immediately ran it under water allowing it to bleed freely to clean the cut. Then it occurred to me - “I have cayenne in my Herbal First Aid Kit!” I wrapped the finger in paper towels in order to go get the kit. The towels were soaked in blood before I made it from the kitchen to the bathroom, one door away. This concerned my granddaughter and she suggested going to a hospital. I thought, “No, I need to get to the cayenne.”


And so I did. I opened up the container of powdered cayenne, wondering if it was going to sting horrendously. (I had previously used too much in a nasal wash, and though it took care of the sinus infection rather quickly, I remembered to dilute it more the following time I used it.)  I sprinkled the cayenne onto the finger and it didn’t sting! Sprinkling cayenne on to this open wound, felt just fine! Of course the bleeding stopped quite quickly. I was thrilled with my new experiment. Then I decided that as long as I had the opportunity, I would proceed with my second experiment. I retrieved some of my powdered BF&C (with the comfrey), added cayenne to it for good measure, and moistened it with X-ceptic. Since the gash was large enough, I put the poultice on only half of the gash on the finger and bandaged the whole finger.


It was amazing! Two days later, the section of the finger where I put the poultice has healed, there isn’t even any bruising! The other section is healing, but is still a separated wound. The BF&C certainly added to the healing of the gash and is now a favorite herbal combination. However, the amazing properties of cayenne that stopped this rather excessive bleeding so quickly and without stinging, made cayenne my favorite herb for the day.


Barbara Parshley lives in Aurora, Colorado, and received her MH in June of 2011 from the School of Natural Healing. She periodically teaches classes in Herbology in Aurora Colorado.

March 21st, 2012Do You Love Testimonials?

-Doreen Spackman M.H.

We get many requests for testimonials so I would like to share with you where you can find them and invite you to share yours with us so others can benefit from your successes.
On The Herbal Legacy website www.herballegacy.com you can type “testimonials” in the search bar and then pick the one you want to read. You can also click on the tab “Ailments and Programs”, or “Single Herbs“, select the one you want and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find the testimonials for that ailment or herb. Here is a sample from the single herb list: 

Deep Cut: A person in our audience told how he had cut deeply with a sharp instrument the inside of his hand, fingers and palm. The blood spurted out in streams. He poured a large amount of cayenne pepper into the wound, and within seconds the blood flow slowed down to congealed dripping and the bleeding stopped entirely before many seconds had passed. With a goodly amount of cayenne covering the wound, he then wrapped it. He was so excited about the rapid results he could hardly wait for the regular herb meeting. But, as he said, the “punch line” was lost, because instead of a nasty ragged scar to show how severely he had been hurt, the area was healed and there was no scar.

The School of Natural Healing website www.schoolofnaturalhealing.com has a link on the left hand side “Testimonials about The School of Natural Healing” here is one from there.

I have an 8 year old daughter, Katie, who has Down Syndrome. She has suffered chronic ear and sinus infections for years. We were constantly in the doctor’s office for another round of antibiotics. I knew that they were harsh on the body and was extremely concerned for her. One day I expressed my concern to her pediatrician that there must be something we could do to strengthen her immune system or eliminate something from her diet. I was laughed at and told it was just the lot Katie had been given and she would always be sick. I was furious.
I looked around for an alternative, signed up for the School of Natural Healing and Katie has not been back to any doctor in almost a year. We have all but eliminated milk from her diet and when she does start in on a sinus or ear infection we start her on Dr. Christopher’s Infection Formula and Kid-e-Mune and the results are immediate.

We also have people who email them in. Here is part of one that we recently received:

This began when I passed the mirror one day and noticed a big lump on my throat.
Everyone encouraged me to go to the doctor’s and have it checked. They verified it was a goiter. Nurse Carol told me that if I did not take the prescription for Levothyroxine, I would die! (How’s that for terrorizing patients!)  She said my heart would enlarge and I would develop an enlarged heart and cardiovascular disease.  I continued to say thank you but no thank you.  She felt the goiter and said it felt like a “simple” goiter.  She could detect no nodules or lumps.  She insisted I at least take the prescription home.
I did.  I looked it up in the Drug Formulary.  The first side effect was 13% bone mass loss.  My mother took this drug and developed osteopenia very quickly.  The second side effect was, can you believe it, cardiovascular disease!!  So, I was darned if I did, and darned if I didn’t.
I called David Christopher and told him about it.  He asked me how I felt about it.  I told him there was no way I was going to take that medicine!  He said “then let’s get started”.
Some of the suggestions he made were:

  •     3 pts Mullein and 1 pt Lobelia compress on my throat every night (which I faithfully did) and drink the tea, one in the am, one in the pm, and same with hot and cold compresses daily for 1 hour (which I didn’t)
  •     2 weeks of Herbal Thyroid
  •     Continue with Thyroid Maintenance
  •     Take Dulse three times daily (I took 3 double “00″ capsules, 3 times daily) for iodine
  •     Stay on Mucusless Diet
  •     Lots of pure water
    A good friend who had been through this years before told me it took her about a year to accomplish the goal, so I knew this would not be an over-night thing.
    For about 2 months I did the program, not seeing any visible results.  I figured there must be something I was missing.  I got on the internet and started to research my condition.  I found out that fluoride/fluorine and bromide all inhibit the uptake of iodine.  Now I was really frustrated.  I was on city water, even though I had a well that I got my garden and drinking water from.  Knowing that my body absorbs more water in the shower than I did drinking all day long, I didn’t know how to overcome that very expensive obstacle of having the well water pumped into the house.  So, I called the water company and asked how much fluorine they were putting in the water.  She told me that as of the first of next month they were discontinuing its use, due to the expense!  I was overjoyed!  Within the month I could see the goiter begin to shrink.
    It was about 6 months to the day that the goiter finally went down to where it was no longer visible at times.  I did notice that it would swell and shrink from time to time, but I was never sure why.  I always carried my drinking water with me.  I went to the doctors and had a blood test.  Now my numbers were all in the normal range!  My thyroxine was 8.0 and my TSH was 2.7!
    I am so very, very grateful to the Lord for creating such a wonderful group of herbs that could bring about a total healing from something that was very life threatening.  And may God bless those who have cherished that knowledge of herbs and are so willing to share their benefits with others.  I am very, very grateful to David Christopher and all he does for the cause of safe medicine.

    I love reading and hearing about the wonderful healing that goes on with people. I know life is much better when we are healthy. Please send us some of your successes. You can reply to this newsletter or send them to registration@snh.cc. We would love to hear from you.

    Have a Healthy and Happy Day!

    Doreen Spackman is a Master Herbalist graduate and employee of the School of Natural Healing.

    Doreen enjoys helping others,  through classes and private consultations, learn the benefits of wholesome food to rebuild and restore their bodies so they can enjoy ultimate and complete health.

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