by Doreen Spackman MH

Cleanse and nourish so your body can heal. I love the quote from Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” I think many of the things we eat nowadays would not have been considered food in his time! Most people recognize the need to cleanse the body from previous ways of eating. There are many types of cleanses, I usually focus on 3 of them depending on what the person needs. I think the best one to start with is the fresh food cleanse. It is simple, natural, and easy. By eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains (not a box of cereal that says whole grain on it), nuts, seeds, and legumes in their wholesome state, your body will naturally begin cleansing. As we eat fresh food our body lets go of the toxins that are built up throughout the body. This time of year is perfect for eating fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance. There is so much variety and freshness and they are so easy and fast to prepare! I wouldn’t put a limit on these foods. I actually tried to eat 1 lb. of salad greens each day by making it the main part of my meals rather than a side dish. Setting out a veggie tray and fruit before the meal begins is also a great way to get everyone in the family to snack on the good stuff first. They will love it!

Grains are a powerful food. They are naturally able to store for long periods of time because they are in an acid state, if we grind our grains into flour they are still in their acid state. A more nutritious way to use grains is to soak or low heat them before using them. This allows the grain to become alkaline and release their enzymes for a real nutrient rich meal. This is simple to do. Fill a wide mouth thermos 1/3 the way full of grain and then fill the rest of the thermos with boiling distilled water. Screw on the lid and shake it back and forth for about 20 seconds and set it on the counter. I usually start it in the morning for an evening meal or start it at night for breakfast in the morning. A family favorite is oat groats and red quinoa over night in the thermos for breakfast. In the morning we add Chia seed, a sweetener, (honey, agave or Stevia from the garden), cinnamon and almond milk, it is wonderful! Try putting a spoonful of rice or red quinoa on your salad to make it more filling, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Drink pure clean water. Our bodies are over 65% water so there are a few simple things to keep in mind. Water carries nutrients throughout the body. Distilled water is also important because it helps in eliminating toxins and inorganic substances that are accepted but not assimilated by the body. It’s important to drink a lot of water. It is recommended that we drink 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. If you often feel hungry and are not able to satisfy that hunger you may just be in need of pure clean water. Drinking plenty of distilled water will eliminate “hunger pains” caused by dehydration because the signal from the body is that it needs more water not more food. Try it out and see if that is the case for you. 

Do you want to get the maximum amount of nutrients from the food you eat? Water will also dilute the digestive juices so to get more nutrients from the food you eat, eliminate your water intake 1/2 hour before, during, and 1/2 hour after your meals or anytime you eat. This will assure you get the most nutrients possible (of course this is assuming you are not drinking soda or anything like that either). I have found I actually need less food to feel full and energized.

Have a Happy and Healthy Day!

Doreen Spackman is a Master Herbalist graduate and employee of the School of Natural Healing. Doreen enjoys helping others learn to rebuild and restore their bodies with wholesome food. Through classes and private consultations, they can enjoy ultimate and complete health. To contact Doreen please visit

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