Tara Pierce NH

As unavoidable as death and taxes, stress is an ever present aspect of our lives. We can try to avoid it but often times we end up stressing about the stress we can’t get away from! Although some stress is beneficial for us and can motivate us in the work place and in accomplishing personal goals, large amounts of anxiety over things we have no control over can be very detrimental to our health.  Symptoms can present as sleep disturbances, weight gain, immune system dysfunction, heart disease and everything in between. Stress on the body can be caused by physical, mental, emotional or environmental stimuli, but did you realize that diet plays a role in our overall “stress level”?  In fact our unproductive stress can be reduced by more than 40% just by changing our diet!

Meat, dairy and processed foods such as fast food, frozen dinners, white flour products, sugar, and hydrogenated oils place an unnecessary amount of stress on the body.  It takes a large amount of energy to digest these foods and the body doesn’t get much of a payoff in terms of a nutritional return. Due to over processing, these foods are low in nutrients and often high in calories and waste products. As a result the body is consistently in a high use, low yield energy cycle triggering a stress response that affects every system in the body. Left unchanged the body begins to break down. Calcium is pulled from the bones to neutralize the blood from the acidic state of the body. Cells are unable to cleanse and repair due to lack of nutrients resulting in malfunction and disease. By changing our diet to raw whole foods our stress level drops because we get what we need nutritionally.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole sprouted grains, nuts, seeds and legumes are nutritionally dense and easily digested and assimilated. Unlike a traditional diet plan, the more of these foods you eat, the more fat you will lose, the more energy you will have, the better health you will enjoy and all without the stress of counting calories.

This time of year it is easy to give into the temptation to indulge, and that’s okay! Just don’t forget to feed yourself the nutrient dense foods that your body needs to combat the stress associated with this Holiday season.

Tara is a Nutritional Herbalist and Master Herbalist student of The School of Natural Healing.