Dr. John R. Christopher

November 25, 1909 - February 6, 1983


When I married David Christopher 39 years ago we had plans to travel to California and open up a live theater (we both graduated in theater from BYU). Then, with a baby on the way, reality¬†set in. With no money and no one to back us, California was shelved and David accepted an offer from his father, Dr. John R. Christopher, to run his company. This decision literally changed our path in life. David spent many, many long hours ordering herbs, mixing them, packaging them, and filling orders. This was during the time that Dr. Christopher left home each Monday (armed with books and packages of herbs to sell) to lecture for a week in a particular city. He would return home on Friday to spend time with his family and then go out the following Monday again. During this time I started to “baby-sit” the small retail area we had by stocking shelves and answering the phone. While sitting at the desk I saw a pile of papers that seemed to grow larger with each passing day. Curious I looked through the pile and realized the papers were requests from all around the country and world for Dr. Christopher products and price lists. So I started to send out price lists but didn’t know how to help with all of the questions customers had. The next Saturday armed with 25 letters, a note pad and pencil, I sat on the floor of Dr. Christopher’s living room, spread out the papers and went through each letter with him. My herbal education had begun and I was fascinated. It was so simple and yet so effective. It was all just common sense.


Every weekend he would patiently tell me how to answer each letter and explained how his herbal combinations worked. Oft times there were similar questions from different people. I assumed that the answers would be the same. When I looked at him for confirmation, his eyes would be closed in meditation. “Add such and such for this one and more of this or that for that one.” He tailored each answer to each specific question. He always knew what was needed and what was right. Dr. Christopher was truly an amazing and inspired man.


Soon afterwards, David and I began to travel with Dr. Christopher to conventions throughout the U.S. Invariably I would leave David at the booth and attend each lecture. It didn’t matter how often I heard him speak or heard his stories I never grew tired of listening to him. Of course the large lecture rooms were always packed when Dr. Christopher began to speak. Looking around I could see that the audience was captivated by him. He was charismatic and charming and humble. As soon as he finished speaking I would take off back to the booth to warn David that he was coming with 100 or more people following him. We hurried and let him behind the table just before everyone descended on us. He took time to answer each question as David and I tried to keep tract of the money being literally thrown at us for this book or that book. By the time everyone left the 3 of us and the table had been pushed clear to the back of the booth! This became a common occurrence. What a crazy time we had.


Today we still see and feel Dr. Christopher’s influence in the herb and health field. His herbal combinations are truly inspired and have helped thousands of people the world over. His time tested original formulas always bring the desired results. The legacy Dr. Christopher left lives on in his products and in his School of Natural Healing. How blessed we are to continue to spread his legacy. Happy Birthday Papa, we love you.


Fawn Christopher