September 19, 2007

by Dr. John R. Christopher, MH, ND

The sun is the world’s greatest doctor but must be used by building up the exposed time in the sun gradually so as to not burn. Do not be alarmed by articles in national publications each spring, warning people to avoid sunbathing, saying it is cancer-forming. The sun cannot cause cancer. When you do not gradually increase the use of it but lie in the sun for long lengths of time and burn, certainly it is dangerous for it will cause a severe toxic burn. But it is not cancer-forming. If cancer is already in the bloodstream and the body, the sun can ripen it and bring it to the surface, but that is the only way skin cancer can result from the sun.

Ask any Aborigine, Indian or member from any tribal area where only a loin cloth, if anything, is worn. Although their bare skin is exposed constantly to the sun year around, they have no cancer. If any of them develop skin cancer, it is because they have been eating a diet of modern processed food for a sufficient period of time to get the body into a toxic condition.

John N. Ott’s book, Health and Light, explains the benefits of healing with light. This research scientist explains how natural sunlight is a food or nutrient and can cure many ills and keep us well, while the wrong kind (artificial light) can make us ill.