January 30, 2013


Female Formulas -Judith Carter M.H.

Over the years I have come to love Dr. Christophers formulas for women, namely Female Reproductive and Hormonal Changease. These two formulas have been a blessing to so many of my friends, family and clients. So let me tell you a few of their stories.

My daughter’s friend had cramping and a lot of clotting with her cycle, making her sick and causing her a lot of pain. My daughter told her about how she had taken Hormonal Changease and Female Reproductive and now she never got sick or had painful cycles. It wasn’t long before this girls mother, who had the same problems as her daughter but worse, called me and wanted to know more about the herbs my daughter was taking. I taught her about these two formulas and now neither one of them are dealing with large clots or cramps with their cycles each month. The Mom also told me that they have found that their cycles are lighter and don’t last as long and that the dreaded PMS is not a problem either. At first they took what was recommended on the bottle for each formula, but now that their reproductive organs have been cleansed and strengthened over the years, they only take one capsule of each formula a day and still have wonderful results.

I’ve had many mothers call me over the years to help them with the problems that so many girls experience with their cycles, even the lack of having a cycle. One friend was 16 or 17 and hadn’t started her cycle yet and was worried that something was wrong with her. After taking these two formulas for one month, she started having a regular cycle and was able to stop worrying.

I hear a lot of women who are concerned about miscarriage and especially infertility. One woman who already had four children knew there was still one more child that needed to come to their family. Every time she would become pregnant, it would end in a miscarriage. She went home and started taking Female Reproductive and Hormonal Changease.¬† I always tell people to give it at least 3 months before they draw any conclusions on whether it’s working or not. Well, a couple months later she was pregnant and now has a beautiful daughter, making their family complete.

Another lady had been trying for years to get pregnant but was crushed every month when there would be no baby. She was very healthy and trained like an Olympian, so the doctors had her cut back on her training. She had a wonderful career and was told that if she went home and relaxed, she might conceive. After following this advice and trying all the fertility therapies and drugs, she was still not getting pregnant. Finally a friend told her about the success she’d had with herbs. So, once again, there was a phone call and we talked about Female Reproductive and Hormonal Changease. I told her not to expect anything for at least 3 months. Well, about 3 months later she had the happy news that they were expecting! Now, every time they want to have another child she goes and gets these two formulas and in a few months they have one on the way…..the last time I heard, they had 3 children.

Herbs aren’t cheap but they certainly don’t compare to the thousands of dollars this couple spent on infertility treatments. So when a close friend confided in me that they had been trying to get pregnant and nothing was happening, I told them a few Hormonal Changease and Female reproductive stories. They were going to see an infertility doctor in a month and we decided it wouldn’t hurt to try the supplements until then. (She took the recommended daily amounts on the bottles of Hormonal Changease and Female Reproductive along with Wheat germ oil capsules). Let’s just say they didn’t end up going to their appointment.

You gotta love Female reproductive and Hormonal Changease!

Judith Carter is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing, graduated from the International Institute of Iridology as a Holistic Iridologist and is certified in acupressure.