David Christopher, M.H.

We all believe in freedom; freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom of speech: but what about freedom of self?  Are we allowed to be nerdy, controversial, different, happy, sad, intense, loud, meek, mild, aggressive, conservative or liberal?  If we are different from the “norm” should we be ostracized, penalized, criminalized or medicated into compliance?

Should we be allowed self-determination in what happens to our personal self, body and brain? Should we have the right to accept or reject anything put into our bodies?

I am horrified when teachers, school nurses, administrators and doctors mandate that my child should be categorized, labeled and medicated for personality traits, habits, learning abilities or lack thereof.  It is equally disturbing that people are denied employment, travel, access to school for their children or daycare or even the right for their children to play on sports teams for lack of vaccinations.  Where will this non-compliance end? Will it end in incarceration?  And then from there might it end with lobotomy?  It is our responsibility to ensure our freedom through our representatives in government.

Realizing the necessity of these freedoms we should be very careful who we vote for in this upcoming election. I believe that the number one freedom we must protect is freedom of self.  No one has the right to medicate me, my family or anyone against our will.  So why vote for people like Richard Pan who was instrumental in passing California’s SB 277 mandatory vaccine bill, which denies access to public facilities for the non-vaccinated members of society?  Or a governor who by executive order mandates an ineffective vaccine that brings on teenage uterine failure and almost on a weekly basis is killing the recipients?  Or representatives who advocate compliance to all recommended vaccines even though most have no bearing on the herd.  We should have the right to reject medications, even if they could be shown to be safe and effective.

Who should you vote for?  You should vote for someone who will not violate your freedom of self.  Forcing medication is a violation of self.  To find out who would violate your most personal freedom just google “What stance does ______  _______ have on mandatory vaccination?”
I believe the freedom of self is the most critical health issue we are faced with today and I exhort each of you to study the position of each candidate and vote for those who uphold this basic freedom.

David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.