Kelly Pomeroy, M.H.


What Are You Going To Be When You Grow Up?”

As a young child, while Dr. Christopher was playing among the “fragrant blooms of the garden (where he lived on Highland Drive, SLC, Utah), his mother watched him with unusual interest. At last she knelt beside the spot where he worked the imaginations of youth and asked, “Raymond, what are you going to be when you grow up?” “I’m going to be a doctor!” he replied.” She reminded him how much he disliked the sight of blood and asked him how he could be a doctor when he cannot stand the sight of blood. Intently and prophetically he answered, “Mother, I will be able to heal people without cutting them up. There will be natural ways of doing it.” This desire to heal others developed in him and through a series of both miraculous and challenging events, he pursued that path of becoming a doctor who was able to help heal others, “without cutting them up.” 
Dr. Christopher’s formulas, understandings of the body and herbs, trust in a loving God, and kind and happy manner has deeply influenced so many of us and been a merciful answer for natural healing. November 25, 1909 Dr. John R. Christopher was born. To commemorate his birthday, we would like to share with you some wonderful and important teachings highlighted from Dr. Christopher’s writings.  
Cleansing and Nourishing Our Bodies
“Our bodies must be kept clean, inside and out, to perform their tasks efficiently and smoothly. The body is the housing of the spirit, the operating force of life. With the spirit commanding a good clean structure smoother and happier life will result.”
“Never will we have peace as long as we have constipated warriors sitting around the peace table glaring in hate at each other. Peace will come from clean, sweet, happy bodies and those who teach this natural lifestyle to their families through their example. These teachings can eventually spread worldwide.”
“Do not panic on the days after cleansing or during your periods of healing. In fact, the cleaning action may produce all the symptoms and effects of severe illness, but don’t blame the temporary problem onto the cleansing. Be comforted that the healing process is well underway, and the sooner such discomforts come, the better, for this means that the toxins and poisons are being eliminated- and the faster the cleansing, the quicker the healing.”
“A must for good health is to slow down the eating procedure. Relax and be happy while you eat. Discuss pleasant things during mealtime. Laugh a little and remember the old adage of a crust of bread with love is better than a banquet in contention. Chew each mouthful thoroughly, whether juice or solid food. Saliva is the key that opens the door to digestion. Without saliva mixed thoroughly with food or juice, the material goes down to the stomach and does not aid the gastric juices as Nature intended, causing much of the meal to be eliminated without proper assimilation.”
Fevers and Disease
“A fever can be an aid and a blessing if worked with intelligently. But if it is fought against ignorantly, or ignored it is a killer. Our job in wholistic healing is to praise the fever and work with it, not fight against it.”
“The germs are God’s gift to the sick to be used to speed up healing. The germ is a scavenger that lives on toxins, mucous, poisons and filth. They are nature’s perfect garbage men. We should work with them, not against them.”
“If we take shots, inoculation and/or oral medication to kill the germs, we have defeated the purpose of nature. It is like having a garbage man’s strike in a large city.
“There are no incurable diseases, but at times there are incurable patients. The Creator has given herbs and assisting wholistic therapies for every type of body malfunction. If they are used benefits will come. But if they are not used as directed they can be of no aid.”
Emotional Health
“Some people follow a very clean diet, take herbs and are still uncomfortable or even sick. Why? Because they toxify themselves with unhappy, negative thoughts and behaviors. You already possess a degree of health right now. Thank God for that, then go forward to build even better health. Train yourself to live with an “attitude of gratitude,” live positively and generously, and be sure to nurture your spirituality, including prayer and meditation. We consider this to be so important that it is equal to your dietary and herbalprograms.”
I recall watching a lecture of Dr. Christopher’s where he quoted this inspiring song. “Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad or made someone feel glad, if not I have failed in deed. Has anyone’s burden been lighter today, because I was willing to share? Have the sick and the weary been helped on their way? When they needed my help was I there?” He truly lived as one who cheerfully lightened others burdens and helped them on their way.
Happy Birthday Dr. Christopher, we love you! Wishing all of you increased health and happiness as we celebrate Dr. Christopher’s birthday!

Kelly Pomeroy is a Master Herbalist and Student Adviser at the School of Natural Healing. She is a mother to four wonderful children and currently studying Biology at a local University.