David Christopher MH

This issue of the newsletter is dedicated to George Washington who is sometimes called thefather of our country. As a youth, I remember hearing miraculous stories of George Washington being preserved in battle, such as, removing his clothes at the end of the day and finding four bullet holes but no wounds. In 1770 a Native American Chief who sided with the French against the British during the 1755 war, related that he fired at Washington 17 times and his warriors also tried to kill this young officer, to no avail. Another Chief related that they were instructed to kill all officers first and had attempted to shoot Washington but could not. During the battle for Fort Duquesne, now the city of Pittsburg, Washington was one of only 1300 soldiers who survived and the only officer of 86 that survived. Another account during the Revolutionary War told of the head of a British marksman squad who was about to shoot an American officer, at close range, but was inspired not to shoot and didn’t, later finding out it was George Washington that he didn’t shoot. These stories are very inspiring, but isn’t it interesting that schools stopped teaching the true accounts of, Divine Providence preserving Washington in battle, to help establish this country? And yet we still hear about the cherry tree myth in school!

Now let’s talk about what killed George Washington at 67 years of age. On December 13th 1799 this hero of the Revolution woke up in the night not feeling very well. He had been soaked by rain the day before and now felt chilled to the bone; labored breathing, feverish, with a sore throat. He probably had the flu and maybe strep throat. Any Herbalist of the day could have treated him with elderberries, garlic, honey, cayenne pepper and onion poultices for his chest and I have no doubt he would have survived. But no, he was treated by standard medical doctors of the day who bled him, doused him with mercury, bled him some more, gave him calomel (a mercury preparation), bled him again with more mercury up the rectum. With no sign of relief of the illness, they then argued amongst themselves whether or not they should do another bleeding. Dr. Elisha Dick was concerned that they had already drawn off 3 pints of blood and thought he was too weak for another bleeding. He felt Washington needed his strength to fight the malady. However he was the younger of the three Doctors, and Dr. James Craik and a Dr. Brown overruled him and drained another thirty two ounces of blood from his veins. After hours of torture George Washington dismissed the doctors and stated that he wanted to die in peace. So 24 hours after getting the flu, these doctors managed to take him out of this life. Two weeks later Dr. Brown wrote to Dr. Craik with misgivings, lamenting that Washington might still be alive if they hadn’t given the last bleeding, but justified their actions because, “It was the best light available”. Ignorance to natural law costs lives and indeed robed this nation of perhaps many more years of a great statesman.


This insane medicine lasted into the late 1800’s. As far as I’m concerned, today’s modern medicine is taking more lives than they’re saving. For more Medical History read Green Pharmacy by Barbara Griggs.


David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.