Jo Francks, M.H.

Today we celebrate the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Yes it is a cause for celebration as we move towards a new year and new possibilities.

As herbalists we wait in anticipation of the new growth that will come as warmer temperatures and longer days approach. Meanwhile it’s a good time to enjoy the gatherings of friends and family as we observe the holidays of the season. Why not enjoy some warm spicy herbal teas using things you have right in your cupboard?

Did you know that cinnamon and cloves are loaded with antioxidants?

Cayenne increases your circulation and helps boost metabolism. It has been used for centuries for colds and flu.

Fennel is used to help digestion and as an antioxidant, antiflatulent, and carminative (it helps relieve gas). It also helps improve eyesight.

Oregano is used to treat respiratory and digestive disorders.

Ginger and turmeric are both excellent anti-inflammatory aids.

Black pepper has been shown to reduce memory loss and cognitive malfunction.

Rosemary is good to use to improve memory.

Eating blueberries increases the number of killer cells in your blood and adding cardamom supercharges the killer cells so you have a destructive defense against harmful pathogens.

Regular exercise reduces the risk of developing upper respiratory infections.

We hope you enjoy the newsletters we provide for you. Our goal is to help you enjoy a healthy, happy and productive lifestyle. With the help of herbs and eating the Mucusless Diet, it’s possible for your body to move toward wellness.

All of us at the School of Natural Healing wish all of you a Merry Christmas 

Jo Francks is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing. She is also a Holistic Iridologist and Quantum Touch Practitioner.