October 3, 2007

by Claudine Benson

I am a homemaking teacher teaching food classes.  I always taught the Basic Four and now the Food Pyramid.  I tried to eat the way I taught, but I was always ill.
I read the report on food that the former surgeon general distributed to everyone.  I found he was giving information that was much different from the information I had been given. Therefore, I read his sources.  I have been continuing to read in the natural food area since that time.
I am trying to eat fresh fruits, fresh veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.  I am trying to eat raw as much as I can.  I find my body craves the raw food.
Since eating this way, I haven’t been to the doctor for health reasons for quite a few years.  I am seventy-two, and I feel I am doing great.  It also helps to know how to take care of myself because of taking the herb courses from Fawn and David.  I have really appreciated this life-saving information.