by Jo Francks MH

On the day after New Years I woke with a start
I stumbled to the bathroom, it was no longer dark
I stepped on the scale, oh no, it won’t stop!
Up five pounds, no ten, fifteen, what a crock!

The memories are all coming back to me now
We got fudge and divinity, cookies and pie
All kinds of goodies from neighbors coming by
It all looks so good I’ll have just a taste
I surely don’t want it to go to my waist

But a taste’s not enough, I have to have more
I sampled, I sipped and tasted galore
And now what can I do after such celebration
I’ve got a bad headache and should I mention constipation

What were the words from David Christopher now?
For all of these problems USE LOWER BOWEL!!
But where is my bottle, nowhere to be found
And now I remember there was someone at work
Who didn’t have theirs and he was all bound
For class in a hurry so I gave him mine
Oh yes it was Jesse

And now all I have are some fruits and a veggie
Let’s not forget all the grains have I many
All stacked in my basement in buckets a plenty
I’ll soak them I’ll sprout them and then I’ll low heat them
And my family will love me when I make them all eat them

I’ll make some fresh juice and a green smoothie knowing
Whole grains nuts and seeds will all get me going

With two feet of snow on the ground and more falling
Jogging is out but my cellercizer’s calling
Exercise yes, it’s a must for good health

A good attitude too, all this will help
I’m on a good path to make things much better
And I won’t forget to drink lots of water

Healthy New Year to you and to me too!