I have a hearing loss that continues to get worse as time goes by. I am female and almost 50 years old. I have been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease and was told hearing aids would not help. Do you think your ear and nerve tonic would give me any relief or improve my hearing loss?


Hi Rita,

We have witnessed what was diagnosed as incurable hearing loss be reversed. We have a formula that is safe to use as long as the ear drum has not burst. Dr. Christopher personally witnessed hundreds of people throw their hearing aids away because it worked so well.

If it is something you wanted to try, it wouldn’t do any harm. For some, it only takes a few months using the formula to get the results they want, for others, a little over a year. Certain lifestyles or conditions will prevent any healing at all (diet, taking aspirin or certain antibiotics, plugged sinuses, etc.)

If you would like to see how the formula works, you could get much information here:


This page will explain how to use the formula with garlic oil to restore hearing. One bottle usually lasts 4 or more months.

Hope that answers your question!

Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop

Printable Version: http://www.herballegacy.com/Hearing_Loss.pdf