-Chad Gilkey

 Dear Christopher family and friends,


I would like to take some time to share a natural healing experience with you. A friend and client of mine had been diagnosed with a cataract in her left eye several years ago. She also wore prescription glasses to help correct a near sighted condition. Of course the cataract continued to get worse along with her eye sight. Finally, faced with the prospect of surgery to remove the cataract at age 73, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Being familiar with the Christopher products, she knew that the Eye Bright formula was the place to start. I read the protocol to her from Herbal Home Health Care over the telephone one evening and her daughter ordered all of the formulas for her. She used the eye wash tincture three times per day as well as the Eye Bright capsules; six weeks on and one week off. She has been doing this faithfully for about eight months now and has gone back to using a pair of prescription glasses from twenty five years ago. In fact, lately she’s been talking about getting a cheap pair of dollar store glasses instead. Although she hasn’t been back to her doctor for an official confirmation, she believes her cataract is gone as her sight seems beautifully clear.


She looks forward to watching her beloved Detroit Tigers this spring on T.V. as she can now read, without glasses, the tiny caption in the upper left of the screen which displays the score and inning. Even though she receives ridicule from some family members, she plans to continue with the formulas and she has no intentions of getting her eyes carved on. We both thank all of you.


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