How do you know what you need to have in a basic herbal first aid kit?

The following list is not a comprehensive list – just a few of the basics!

• X-Ceptic – Alcohol Extract
• Complete Tissue & Bone Ointment
• Valerian Nerve Formula
• Cramp bark
• Slippery Elm Bark
• Herbal Eyebright
• Eye Cup
• Distilled Water packets
• Red Raspberry leaves
• Echinacea
• Cayenne Pepper
• Tincture of cayenne
• Cayenne Deep Heating Balm
• Plantain Ointment (Stings & Bites)
• Black Ointment
• Sen-Sei Ointment
• Ginger Root
• Tweezers
• Bandaids
• Scissors
• Ace bandage
• Herbs to the Rescue – by Kurt King

Next week we will cover how to use some of these herbs in a few first aid situations.


1. Keep a kit in the trunk of each of your vehicles

2. Take a smaller kit with you when you travel by plane or train (be aware of any safety restrictions on items in your kit while traveling)

3. In your home