by Kurt King, Master Herbalist, author of Herbs to the Rescue

There are six basic steps that apply in any first aid situation.  They are:

1)  Stay calm and think first before you act.

2)  Check if person is breathing and if there is a heartbeat.  (Pulse check on wrist or neck arteries.  Visually notice chest action for breathing.)  If person is not breathing or pulse cannot be found, administer emergency CPR immediately.

3) Check for severe bleeding (hemorrhage).

4) The next priority is to examine for shock (Shock is a serious condition of acute circulatory collapse, usually brought on by severe blood loss or trauma).  Then examine for head injuries, fractures, lacerations and dislocations.

5) Begin treating person accordingly using a good “bed-side manner,” calming and reassuring the person to help prevent shock or hysteria.

6) Find adequate shelter for the injured person, out of the harsh elements.  Keep person warm, calm and reassured that all is going well.


1. Keep a kit in the trunk of each of your vehicles

2. Take a smaller kit with you when you travel by plane or train (be aware of any safety restrictions on items in your kit while traveling)

3. In your home

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