Joseph Dixon Jr.

The whole line of herbsfashioned by Dr. Christopher have been simply invaluable to me. The Lower Bowel formula never ceases to make sure that everything is moving. The various nutritive herbs make sure I’m well-adjusted to the cleansing process. The Lung and Bronchial formula is literally healing my lungs after all the damage that had been done by the asthma medicine. I have not had a legitimate asthma attack in 4 years. I was diagnosed with asthma at 4 years old and started taking medication. I am 17 years old and have now been off of the medication for about 4 years and my lungs almost never get inflamed. I used to have a problem with incontinence. But the Kid-e-Dry formula made quick work of that. The Complete Tissue and Bone ointment works on a daily basis to rebuild my skin and joints. The Kidney and Liver and Gallbladder formulas helped me with the allergies I was experiencing and literally expanded my pallet of foods. The Soothing Digestion formula works wonders in helping with digesting the more stubborn foods. And the Intestinal Sweep formula kicked out a lot of old waste material and freed my system to move more efficiently. However, of all the herbs, the most powerful and potent herb in my situation was mullein.
Every time I take mullein, I know mucous is about to leave. Mucous had been one of my worst enemies as someone who had dealt with asthma. Nevertheless, after the initial doses of just the mullein herb, my body began a mucous removal program that fought the nonstop congestion that once made things very difficult. When I took the Glandular System formula, which includes mullein and lobelia together, it worked to clean out all of the glands that were obviously under a great deal of pressure. But when I drank that formula as a tea, things changed. The cleansings were intense, but I felt totally different. My system was clearing much faster than it ever had before and I was able to process complex foods without the increased mucous buildup. The asthma was practically non-existent and foods that once made me tense had no effect. The Glandular System tea helped my body evacuate everything like never before.
The Dr. Christopher 3 Day Cleanse proved to be a super powerful tool in fighting mucous and system wide blockage. It jump started the herbs and helped me get on my way to a healthier me. I sometimes did not even complete the cleanse as directed, but even remnants of the program demonstrated to be very instrumental in preparing for anything that might require a body that is clear and working efficiently. I use the Blood Stream formula to calm my body down when stuff gets to my blood. It calms itches, headaches, fatigue and other effects of deep cleansing.
In conclusion, my experience with Dr. Christopher products have been nothing but legendary. I’m being healed from the inside out and I can feel the improvements increasing each and every day. I used to have an extremely hard time exercising, getting my lungs clear and just exerting myself in general. But I no longer have to worry now that I know there is a totally natural solution. The drugs that once attacked my system have been replaced by the heroes in green contained within the bottles of green, purple and blue. I cannot express the full extent of my gratitude. These herbs work; they fix the problems at the source. Thank you Dr. Christopher and the School of Natural Healing.
Joseph Dixon Jr. is an aspiring Master Herbalist