According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, an estimated 100,000 people die every year due to medical errors.  Another study (in the New England Journal of Medicine) found that one million Americans are injured annually by errors during hospital treatment and 120,000 people die as a result.

Unfortunately this has become all too common, and it causes immense pain and suffering for the individuals and families of the victims.  Here is one story:

A teenager from Draper, Utah is in a coma because he was given the wrong dose of a pain medication.  Eighteen-year-old Jessie Scott was given what was supposed to be a safe teaspoon of the drug.  Actually it was a potentially lethal dose.  Jessie, a high school graduate with a 4.0 grade point average, was given one teaspoon of prescribed oxycodone hydrochloride to help him sleep a bit and relieve pain from a strep throat.

Within hours, Jessie’s organs were failing. He was on a ventilator. One lung had collapsed.  The prescription was filled at the pharmacy. The label clearly indicates one teaspoon every four hours, and that’s exactly what his mother, Laurie, did: She gave Jessie one teaspoon in a cup. But instead of five milligrams, attorney David Olsen says, “The dosage she gave was 20 times what was ordered. [It was] 100 milligrams instead of five. That’s because it was undiluted.”

The pharmacist had not diluted the prescription like they were supposed to.

Laurie said, “This shouldn’t have happened. It was needless. It was senseless and it’s changed lives forever, not just Jessie, but there are other people who love him and his future.”

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We don’t know what the doctor was thinking in this situation (prescribing oxycodone), but if he or she had attended The School of Natural Healing then Jessie could have overcome his strep throat in 24 hours!  To learn this safe and effective remedy go to:

Unfortunately, Jessie’s story is not uncommon.  All drugs are toxic and have side effects – especially when the wrong dose or medication is prescribed or given, as in Jessie’s case. However, herbs are safe – they have been used for thousands of years to treat and prevent disease.

Today we are going to look at just one example of a safe and effective remedy using herbs: pain relief.

Dr. Christopher was frequently asked how to relieve pain using herbs.  He taught that “Pain is a result of congestion and degeneration of healthy cells and tissues by poor elimination of waste products.  We, of course, recommend the detoxification procedure in Dr. Christopher’s Three Day Cleansing Program and Mucusless Diet.”

Dr. Christopher taught that you need to go to the cause of the pain, but he also understood that sometimes you need immediate pain relief.

Here is what he said, “We have found that one capsule of lady’s slipper root and one capsule of valerian root powder will take the ‘edge’ off of even very severe pain.”

Lady’s slipper root is now on the endangered species list, though.  David Christopher put together a formula with valerian and other herbs called “Stop-Ache” that has helped many people take the “edge” off their pain. 

Dr. Christopher also quoted Jethro Kloss, “The use of alternate hot or cold applications continued for thirty minutes or more, will relieve congestion more quickly than any other remedy.  Fomentations given as hot as can be borne, with cold sponging, and drying between each fomentation, is the best method.”  This stimulates the blood vessels to eliminate congestion.  Hot baths also increase circulation and have been successful in relieving pain – both internal and external.

David Christopher teaches that if you provide the body what it needs then the central nervous system stops sending the pain signals.  Pain is a signal that something is wrong – if you take care of it then the pain goes away.  One of the best things you can provide your body when you are in pain is to take a lot of Vitalerbs - as many as 50 capsules a day, and for damaged cell structure (injuries) up to 100 capsules of the Complete Tissue and Bone Formula.

Look for Stop-Ache, Vitalerbs and Complete Tissue and Bone wherever you buy your Dr. Christopher formulas (see for online sources).