-By David Christopher M.H.


The good thing about inflammation is that it is an intricate part of the protective and healing systems of the body.  When we are injured, the body isolates the damaged area with inflammation.  With this process, the body uses white blood cells to remove damaged cells and simultaneously replaces these damaged cells.  Athletes are constantly breaking down cell structure when they work out or compete, and if properly nourished they replace these cells with stronger cells to cope with the increase in activity.  The same can be said in disease.  If bacteria, viruses, molds, parasites, or any other micro-organism invades our bodies and starts damaging cells, this same inflammatory process kicks in and destroys the invaders and the damaged cells replacing them with healthy cells.  This inflammatory process is designed to be very accurate with specialized killer cells that target foreign invaders, phagocyte cells that devour any foreign protein or waste by-products of cellular break down, and many more white blood cells with many different actions.  We were designed to thrive in a hostile environment.  The worst action you can take in this ‘tear down and replace’ system is taking anti-inflammatories.


The bad part of inflammation is when non- lethal substances trigger an immune or inflammatory response.  These are called anti-gens and are commonly seen in hay-fever and food allergies.  When you breathe through your nose, little nose hairs stop and trap foreign proteins into your mucus, then sending them out in a watery stream.  Thus, our nose “runs”, which is a protective mechanism.  If we take some drug to stop this running process and the offending invader stays in our sinus then the inflammation (histamine) process starts which blocks it from entering the body.  By taking anti-histamine medication it will then gain access into our inner body and since it is foreign our immune cells attack it and remember it, thus we become sensitized to it and react with each new contact.  Other proteins entering the digestive process are broken down into individual amino acids and other components absorbed through the G.I. tract and put back together as our protein.  This protein is then accepted by our immune system.  When we take pain killers that destroy our stomach lining, we allow foreign proteins direct access into our blood stream.  The immune system attacks these food proteins making us allergic to that particular food.  This can also happen with the use of anti-biotics.


The ugly part of inflammation occurs when foreign proteins are injected into our bloodstream.  Foreign proteins, of course will be attacked by our immune cells.  If these proteins resemble proteins that we personally manufacture then the immune system can be triggered against our cells that make that similar protein.   When our own protective system is targeted against our own cells we end up with what is called an auto immune disease.  In the creation of vaccines the target bacteria or virus is grown on animal tissue.  The problem is that the final product contains that animal tissue, because it cannot be separated from the serum.  These proteins in this animal tissue can be very close to human proteins, especially if primates are used to make the vaccines.


In conclusion when we have good inflammation we need to help the body do its work, not fight against the natural process by taking anti-inflammatories.  In helping we should give the nutrients necessary to repair damaged tissues.  Along with fresh vegetable juices we would use Dr. Christopher’s amazing Complete Tissue and Bone formula capsules internally.  This same formula, in massage oil, would also be applied liberally over sore areas to help further repair the damage.  This would be followed by the powerful Cayenne Ointment to help with the heat process and to relieve pain.


When we have the ‘bad part of inflammation’ we want to help the body discharge the antigens.  Dr. Christopher’s Nose ointment will help drain the contaminants.  Also we can boil a pot of water, take it off the heat, spray in Dr. Christopher’s MPR essential oil formula and breathe in the steam and oils to open up and drain out the offenders.


With both the ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ inflammation we would use Dr. Christopher’s highly effective Immune Calm formula to lessen the unnecessary attack mode on its own cells, while not compromising its protective effectiveness.  This would be followed with the repair formula Complete Tissue and Bone.  For best results, the dosage on both of these formulas would be a minimum of 5 capsules 5 times a day for two weeks and then label dosage thereafter.  In my 30 + years as an Herbalist I have never seen anything as effective for allergies and auto-immune diseases as these two formulas.


David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.