January 23, 2008

By Sandra K. Ellis, M.H.


If your body has something it needs to eliminate and it chooses the urinary system, we might see a bladder infection or kidney stones.

How to keep the urinary system healthy:

If you had a fish tank which was filthy and the fish were sick, would you treat the fish or clean up the tank?  Anyone who has ever even owned a goldfish knows that you have to clean up the tank or the fish will never get better.  It is the same with the human body.  Every cell is bathed in fluid.  If we do not clean up the environment, we cannot expect the body to heal itself.

The type of fluid we put in our mouth is extremely important to the health of the urinary system.  When you start to drink anything, remember the analogy of the “fish tank,” then make wise choices.

a) Drink lots of water!!  The kidneys and the bladder both depend heavily on water to rid themselves of any poisons and excretions on a regular basis.

b) Stay away from carbonated drinks, coffee, alcohol and other caustic substances.  The urinary system is made up of very delicate tubing.  When we drink substances such as these it is extremely hard on this tissue.


If the body chooses the skin, we might see things such as acne, eczema, moles, warts, anything out of the ordinary that appears on the skin.  All of these are signs that the body is trying to eliminate something.  Therefore, if we run to the store and buy some cortisone cream to put on the skin for a problem area, have we fixed the problem? No! We may relieve some of the symptoms, such as burning or itching, but we have not fixed what is causing the problem.

How to keep the skin healthy:

a) Drink lots of water - are you tired of hearing this yet?  I cannot begin to stress how important it is for us to get plenty of fresh, pure water to drink every day.  Most people walk around dehydrated all the time.  Generally speaking, men should be drinking 1 gallon of water per day and women should be drinking 2-3 quarts per day.

b) Get enough of the right kind of oils in your diet to keep the skin soft and supple.  Most people have a hard time doing this, so I usually recommend taking a good oil supplement, such as wheat germ oil, flax oil, evening primrose oil or a good quality combination.

c) EXERCISE - this is extremely important when it comes to healthy skin.  We need to work up a sweat and allow the impurities in the skin to be flushed out.

d) Get as much fresh air as possible - enjoy the sun!


If we understand how the body works, then we will look at “diseased” conditions in a completely different way.  Instead of trying to drug it, cut it, or burn it, we will look at the symptoms of the body and realize that the body is in a toxic state and is trying to eliminate the problem.  Then we can work with the body to aid in elimination and healing.

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