-David Christopher MH


This new 6 CD set is the latest lecture series by David Christopher. David is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He regularly travels the country lecturing on a variety of topics and this has it all. In this series David covers everything from the importance of good digestion to autoimmune diseases and cancer.

On the first 4 CD’s learn what negative effects we can expect from the average American diet and how to cleanse and heal our bodies by nourishing ourselves with whole, live foods. You will also learn about making extracts, flushing the liver and gallbladder, the health risk of vaccines, tooth health, migraine headaches and so much more.

On the final 2 CD’s you will enjoy a detailed question and answer forum covering stroke recovery, cayenne vs. Coumadin, babies & fevers, enlarged prostate and many others.

If you are new to natural healing, or well versed, you will find valuable insights inĀ Maintaining Healthy Body Systems, now available through Christopher Publications.