Melissa Chappell

Love your treats? I know I do. Here is a great recipe book with 50 plus recipes that we can indulge ourselves in and not feel guilty. This is a dessert cookbook with a healthy AND delicious approach. For the past decade Melissa Chappell has owned a wholesale, healthy dessert company called Raw Melissa. Her desserts have become famous and are sold at a premium price.

Now Melissa is sharing some of her most precious recipes with you. “I want you to know that as I wrote this cookbook and dreamed up the many recipes inside, I thought of you, a person I will probably never meet, but whom I adore for sharing a piece of pie or a scoop of ice cream with me in your own kitchen, if only through this cookbook.”

There are many gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free options as well as raw, vegan, and grain-free recipes. She uses whole food ingredients such as sucanat, honey, whole grain flours, real salt, coconut and nut milks, lots of fresh, dried and frozen fruits, nuts, and plant oils like sunflower oil, coconut oil and almond oil.

Some of my favorite recipes are the Chocolate Covered Macaroons, Toffee Almonds and Chili Lime Popcorn. I have loved everything I have tried and I’m sure you will too.