by Yvonne L. Salcido MH

One thing that I have noticed in the Natural Health Field is that some have the tendency to ignore their teeth. This is similar to shoving the dirt under the carpet and thinking things are taken care of. You might eat healthy, exercise, use herbs and natural therapies when sick, but neglect in doing the important things that promote a healthy oral environment.

Here are a few suggestions to improve your oral health. Start with brushing your teeth at least two to three times a day. Use a good electric tooth brush. Make sure to replace the heads every three months. Some electric toothbrushes now have a laser light box on the charger stand to kill the bacteria on your toothbrush head. If using a standard tooth brush replace every three months.

Most people either hate flossing or put it off. Flossing daily helps in preventing, maintaining and rectifying gum disease. If you can just start doing it and stick with it for one month you will find it easier to continue because you will see and feel a difference. I always hated to floss and now I can’t stand the thought of not doing it daily.

Daily oil pulling removes bacteria from your mouth and from your body. It is excellent in promoting oral healing of gums and teeth. Many have even found relief from chronic health issues as the body is relieved from bacteria in the mouth that was continually being swallowed. An excellent book on this is “Oil Pulling Therapy” by Dr. Bruce Fife.

Remember to have your teeth cleaned at least twice a year from a good biological dentist. A biological dentist is a dentist that distinguishes themselves by that name because of their views on the dangers of mercury fillings and issues regarding fluoridation and roots canals. They are aware of the enormous impact procedures performed orally can affect your complete body’s health not just the mouth.

To find a holistic dentist search the internet under: biological dentistry, mercury-free dentists, holistic dentists or environmental friendly dentistry. You could also check with the Holistic Dental Association at A good dentist that respects holistic views is imperative.

Make sure to have any amalgam fillings (fillings containing Mercury) removed. I used a biological dentist for this. It is imperative to have them removed properly by a dentist that is trained in safe removal. Dr. Hal Huggins is known for his perfection on amalgam removal that is safe.


Natural toothpaste without fluoride is a necessity. Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Toothpowder is excellent for promoting tooth health. Teeth just like most things in life need to be cleaned properly! Our mouths are inundated with bacteria on a daily basis so establishing a habit of excellent oral hygiene is a must! Then watch those teeth sparkle!

Yvonne Lunt Salcido is a Student Advisor for and a Master Herbalist Graduate of the School of Natural Healing. She is a current student at Utah Valley University majoring in Health and Wellness Education.

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