August 8, 2007


Some babies Some babies develop fever, irritability, rashes, vomiting, and other disorders when teething. I don’t understand what happens in the child’s system to cause these symptoms. Dr. Christopher suggested that the baby’s system could lack organic, assimilable calcium which, when received, should stop the symptoms immediately. You should make sure the child is not dehydrated, following the instructions for fever; breastfeed as often and as much as s/he wants. Some mothers offer cooled teething rings; one mother crushes ice and puts it in a thin washcloth. The baby chews on this to relieve the pain. Catnip and fennel extract massaged into the gums help take off the edge. Some teething preparations are made from oil of cloves, which is a natural remedy for toothache and should help localized pain. Sips of chamomile or catnip tea can give generalized relief of pain. Massage the baby’s fingers and toes, which are more or less the acupressure zones for the head. Be loving and patient, and the teeth will come through.



If your baby gets an ear infection, try home remedies before you take him or her to the doctor.  Two drops of garlic oil followed by two drops of tincture of lobelia or Dr. Christopher’s Ear and Nerve tincture, plugged with a bit of cotton, often removes the pain and the congestion.  You can rub the lymph glands below the ears with the same preparations, or with oil of mullein and lobelia.  Ear infections can be a result of a systemic infection, or they can point to dietary problems, either allergies or too many mucus-forming foods in the other.  Examine your own condition carefully when your baby gets sick.  If the infection remains acute, take the baby to a doctor you trust.  Even if you do not purchase the prescription he offers, he will be able to tell you the exact condition of the ears.  Some parents have purchased earscopes with which they can examine their own children’s ears.