New to Christopher Publications: FAVES, by Melissa Chappel

Melissa is a whole food chef extraordinaire. Her raw desserts, full of flavor, sweetness and health, are what has made her so popular. Melissa began as a personal chef before acquiring her own commercial kitchen. She also teaches the public through workshops on how to improve their lifestyle by using “energy’s secret”, fresh fruits and veggies in their diet.

Over the years she has perfected many recipes that have emerged as her favorites contained in her book FAVES. FAVES includes salads, main dishes, smoothies, salsas, dressings and sauces. The recipes are light and refreshing using common ingredients that can be found at your local market. They are also fast, easy to make, and taste great!
Melissa has managed to include her touch for teaching in this cookbook as well. Mixed among her recipes are sections called “Guess What?” where she educates the reader about the foods being eaten…

“Guess What? Cultivated carrots, which are different from wild carrots, are known to have first been grown in the 900’s in Afghanistan and the surrounding area. Until the 1500’s carrots were never orange, but more exotic colors like purple, yellow, red and white. In the gardens of ancient Rome, they were used as an aphrodisiac and in some areas, they were used as part of a concoction that prevented poisoning. I bet when you were a child, you were told that eating your carrots would give you better eyesight?…..”

Get more fresh food into your life by trying this collection of tried and true recipes.