March 2004

by Lindsay Wolsey, MH

Osteoporosis is a major health threat for more than 28 million Americans. One of the main allopathic reasons for this is that you do not get enough calcium. But Americans lead the world in calcium consumption. The rest of the world consumes about ¼ of the amount of calcium we are told we need, yet Americans lead the world in Osteoporosis. Why?

“American women have been consuming an average of two pounds of milk per day for their entire lives, yet thirty million American women have osteoporosis. Drinking milk does not prevent bone loss. Bone loss is accelerated by ingesting too much protein, and milk has been called “liquid meat.”

In order to absorb calcium, the body needs comparable amounts of another mineral element, magnesium. Milk and dairy products contain only small amounts of magnesium. Magnesium is the center atom of chlorophyll.” (Robert Cohen, start with, we need to look at the Standard American Diet (SAD). The majority of Americans eat meat, dairy, sugar, and some vegetables and fruit. The majority of these foods are processed, and most of the nutrients are gone, or replaced with synthetic vitamins and minerals. A typical fast food combo meal of a burger and fries and a soda is a good example. Where is the organic calcium, silica, and magnesium? In fact, is there anything organic in this meal? And let’s not forget that fact that sugar leaches calcium out of the body. Why are we surprised that we lack calcium, after what we put into our bodies?

Recently at The School of Natural Healing, we had a woman call in to ask what type of calcium she needed to take, as she had just gotten the results from her bone density screening, and had been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. As we tried to explain about getting calcium (and the necessary nutrients that it needs to be utilized), she explained that she had been drinking 3 large glasses of milk everyday for the last 30 years, in addition to taking an inorganic multi-vitamin, and an inorganic iron tablet. She had been trying to prevent Osteoporosis, but got it anyway. She also has had two bone spurs removed from her feet. If the body had enough calcium to form bone spurs, she should have had enough calcium to prevent Osteoporosis. So why did she get it?

The body cannot assimilate inorganic vitamins and minerals. So, when the body receives a type of calcium it can’t use, it simply stashes it somewhere. Bone spurs and kidney stones are common symptoms of inorganic calcium stores.

Taking in inorganic calcium, or protein-laced calcium, is equivalent to pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it. How much of the water stays? The protein in milk cancels out the calcium. So, you took it in, but the calcium’s not sticking around to do you any good. However, the fat and the things that cause mucus in the body will stick around for awhile.

The body needs organic calcium, from green leafy vegetables, so it can use it. Dr. Christopher put together a fantastic Calcium Assimilation Formula that helps the body use the calcium it already has.

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