(NOTE: This is an article from the old School of Natural Healing newsletter)

August 2006

by Yvonne Salcico, MH

The human body is amazing. The things science is learning about the immune system are incredible. We come to earth with a built in doctor, our immune system. The science of how what we eat affects our immune system is called nutritional immunology. Proper nutrition creates a strong immune system. A strong immune system will then be ready to fight disease causing bacteria and viruses.

Unfortunately most of us are just concerned about our health when we’re sick and stuff whatever sounds good, tastes good, or is quick in our mouth the rest of the time. By doing this we gradually weaken and run down our immune systems. This accounts for the poor health of the average American.

The average life span is about seventy years. Experts have estimated if we ate properly we could almost double the life span to 120 years. The average American also has come to depend on drugs to solve health problems instead of the natural measures that would strengthen and support the immune system. These drugs have caused several problems:

Bacterium has become resistant to our most powerful antibiotics. These same antibiotics that are supposed to be helping can cause numerous other health related issues by wiping out the friendly flora in the intestines. This results in an over-growth of Candida Albicans in the body.

Painkillers and corticosteroids are weakening and impairing our immune systems. This can cause physical dependency on dangerous drugs. Anti-depressants are given out like candy without checking the patient’s nutrition.

Iatrogenic Deaths are deaths caused by doctor activity, manner, and therapy. According to Milton Silverman M. D. Professor of Pharmacology at U of CA. There were 4.5 million Hospital admissions in 1997 due to adverse reactions to drugs. The average patient has a 30% chance of doubling stay in hospital due to drugs. Adverse drug reactions were 2.2 million. Dr. Besser from Center for Disease Control in 1995 stated unnecessary antibiotics given were 20 million. In 2003 10’s of millions of unnecessary antibiotics were given. Unnecessary medical and surgical procedures skyrocketed to 7.5 million annually. Unnecessary Hospitalization 8.9 million. Total iatrogenic deaths: an astounding 783,936!!! In 2001 the heart disease death rate was 699,697. Annual death cancer rate was 553,251. Could it be that the leading cause of death and injury in the U. S. is the American Medical Association? The result economically is $282 billion.

Hospital ADR (adverse drug reaction) 106,000
Medical error 98.000
Bed sores 115,000
Infection 88,000
Malnutrition 108,000
Outpatient ADR 199,000
Unnecessary procedure 37,136
Surgery-related 32,000

Total: 783,936 Iatrogenic Deaths

Americans have a false notion that no matter what we stuff in our mouth or how we abuse our body there will always be a magic pill or modern drug to make us better. Americans who have the quote “best medical care in the world” have more osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease and the list goes on. Could this be by our own making? The sad performance of the AMA was reviewed by the World Health Organization and ranked America 15th among 25 industrialized nations.

Education about Natural Healing is vital. This was Dr. Christopher’s goal to have a Vitalist in every home and a Master Herbalist in every community. This would be one of the greatest humanitarian efforts ever. What could be more important than your health?