David Christopher, M.H.

Exposing healthy people to a small amount of disease (viral and bacterial) is an excellent preventative plan, providing we allow our immune system to operate according to its specifications. The first specification is that the immune system is healthy which is accomplished through proper nourishment. An under-nourished immune system cannot function well, so follow Dr. Christopher’s Mucus-less diet to achieve this nourishment. Now let me explain how the immune system works and how it can prevent communicable diseases.

When bacterial or viral invaders enter the body via mucus lined orifices certain white blood cells  (macrophages), which reside in the mucus, are designed to latch onto the invading virus or bacteria. These macrophages then present the invader to a T-helper cell (specialized white blood cell), which analyzes it. This T- helper cell then stimulates the propagation of specific Killer T cells, for this particular invader, and the battle begins. Reinforcements (B-cells) are stimulated to produce millions of anti-bodies which attach to the invaders and tag them for T- killer cell destruction and prevent them from entering a normal body cell, thus blocking their ability to propagate. The invader is overwhelmed by a superior immune system and the battle ends via the propagation of T-suppressor cells.  T-memory cells retain structural information of the invader and if a future invasion occurs, the memory cells alert the immune system which now has no need for the analytical phase and can immediately battle and prevent penetration and propagation of the previously identified invader.

Vaccinations do stimulate B-cell production of anti-bodies, but because they are injected they by-pass the mucosa lining of orifices which also by-passes the whole T-cell system; thus resulting in a loss of long term memory and immunity. (Note only T-memory cells last a lifetime)

The inhaled vaccines were a step in the right direction but because of the way they are manufactured, with toxic preservatives and adjuvants, they destroy the body’s first line of defense, the macrophages.

Perhaps if the monetarily bloated pharmaceutical companies did a little research and stopped manufacturing vaccines the same way they have done since 1928, they might develop a safe product that would truly provide lifetime immunity.

The research that needs to be developed for safe vaccines should include separation of the virus from the diseased tissue that it is grown on (the cause of most auto-immune diseases) and alternative preservation methods (perhaps freeze drying the virus) to eliminate the needs for toxic preservatives (the cause of most neurological damages).

I am personally not holding my breath for their enlightenment and for now I will continue rejecting Big Pharma’s proven unsafe and ineffective vaccines.

Why trade a lifetime of misery or death from vaccine damage over dealing with non- threatening childhood diseases.  (Childhood diseases are only lethal in malnourished, poverty impaired, overcrowded populations)

The School of Natural Healing teaches how to prevent and treat all communicable diseases.

Perhaps it is the time to get educated and truly save your loved ones from the harm caused by relying on big pharma.

David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer