by David Christopher M.H.

You have probably read the news about prostate screening for cancer, which appeared on the front page of many newspapers across the country.  On Thursday October 13, 2011 an Associated Press article by Marilynn Marchione basically blasted PSA tests.  It related that this test is only a measure of inflammation which can be elevated for many reasons including bike riding, recent sex, or normal enlargement of the prostate due to age.  She also debunks the claims that the screening saves lives. She makes these claims by drawing from a very large, well done American study, that\ showed that annual screening did not lower the chances of dying from prostate cancer.  Many men believe the screening saved their lives because their urologist erroneously told them it did.  These men and urologists become very vocal in promoting prostate cancer screening.

Less visible are the unfortunate men who test high for PSA and are then subjected to invasive testing that can harm or spread cancer.  One such case as reported in the article is, “… Donald Weaver who was a healthy 74 year old Kansas farmer until doctors went looking for prostate cancer.  A PSA test led to a biopsy and surgery, then a heart attack, organ failure and a coma. His grief stricken wife took him off life support. ‘He died of unnecessary preventive medicine,’ said his nephew, Dr. Jay Siwek, vice chairman of family medicine at Georgetown University.  Blood tests can kill you …”

The United States Preventive Task Force does not recommend the use of this test, and doctors have been warned by the AMA to leave slow-growing prostate cancer alone; that interference may spread the cancer. What should we do to prevent prostate cancer?  Well first, grow up and eat like an adult.  Stop eating those sugary breakfast cereals.  Stop drinking milk, it contains hormones that stimulate growth of prostate tissue.  The hormones found in meat can also negatively effect prostate health. Do eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes, and include nuts and seeds in your diet.  This program is preventative for not just prostate cancer, but all cancers. If prevention is too late, then do the extended herbal cleanse as explained in the Dr. Christopher Three Day Cleanse booklet.

Next eat the seeds highest in cancer preventing nitrilosides; which are apricot seeds. They are extremely bitter, but buck up and eat six seeds a day to start and work up to as many as 30 per day. These simple seeds are natures’ chemo therapy. Cyanide and benzaldehyde are the chemicals in the seed that destroy cancer cells. These two chemicals are bound to two glucose molecules and are inert until activated at the actual cancer site. This is accomplished enzymatically. The chemicals are released with beta-glucosidase which is found at cancer sites.  Healthy cells are surrounded by the enzyme rhodanese, which in the presence of sulfur, converts the cyanide into thiocyanate, which then converts to cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).  The Benzaldehyde, in the presence of oxygen is converted to benzoic acid, an analgesic.

In conclusion, I ask “Why would anyone want to go through risky medical procedures to look for possible prostate cancer, when nature provides a safe and natural chemotherapy, specific to cancer cells and at the same time is nutritive to healthy cells?”