By Jerem Eyre

The running season is upon us, which means if you wanted to you could probably run a race every single weekend from now through November. With a marathon runner’s increase in mileage/training here is a great soreness and injury prevention method I learned on accident during my last marathon that resulted in the best marathon recovery ever.

My last marathon was number 8 for me, so I’ve been through the recovery period a few times before.  However, this was by far the easiest and fastest recovery I have ever had.  After each of the previous 7 marathons I was very, very sore the day after and could barely walk up or down (especially down) stairs at all.  The stiffness and soreness usually lasted about a week (or more) before it tapered off enough that I could begin running again regularly. However, I was surprised to find with my last marathon that I was hardly sore at all the day after.  My legs definitely felt it, but I could walk up and down stairs easily and I was even running while playing with my kids the very next day; something totally unthinkable on all previous marathons.  I went for a 4 mile run on Wednesday just 4 days after the marathon and ran another 4 miler on Friday. To my shock, both runs felt totally normal, with no soreness, or stiffness at all.  I could hardly believe I actually felt great on those runs.

So what was different from this marathon and the previous marathons?  I had been taking a lot more of Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone formula in the build up to this marathon than I ever have in the past.  A couple months before the marathon, I severely cut my thumb with a saw while trimming a tree in my yard.  To try to heal it up I was taking A LOT of Complete Tissue and Bone every single day.  I was taking 8 capsules in the morning at breakfast, another 8 at lunch and another 8 capsules at dinner.  I did this for about 3 weeks then tapered off to 8 capsules in the morning with another 4 to 6 in the evening. (It healed up very nicely, by the way.)

I continued taking the Complete Tissue and Bone Formula right up to the marathon, and on the morning of the marathon I also took 8 capsules about an hour and a half before running.  That was the first time I’ve  taken the capsules right before the race.  I really wasn’t thinking about running while I was taking all those capsules, I was just trying to heal my thumb.  But the effect on my running and marathon recovery was simply amazing. The training I did was the same.  The way I actually ran the race was the same as I have done before.  I have used Complete Tissue and Bone while training before, but never even close to the amounts I used for this most recent marathon.  Also I’ve always used it after the fact to try to reduce soreness, but never had I used it as a preventative measure before the race.

That’s the only real difference - using Complete Tissue and Bone formula in the weeks leading up to the marathon and again the morning of the race.  The results - no soreness, no stiffness, running with my kids the very next day, and running out on the roads again the very next week as if nothing had happened… Incredible! The stuff works!  I can’t believe how great my legs felt so quickly afterwards.  I will definitely be repeating this with all future marathons.

Jerem Eyre is an avid runner, completing at least one marathon and a handful of shorter races every year.  He is also budding herbalist who actively uses herbal remedies with his family and for his running.