David Christopher MH

When I was newly married, nearly forty years ago, we thought our diets were fairly good but were shocked into reality by a very rude guest who proceeded to pull things out of our cupboard and lecture us as to their dangers.  Although his facts were 100% correct, he was way out of line on his approach and we certainly do not advocate anyone following his example.  Even so, today I can look back and give thanks for the wake-up call.

This is a new year and a good time to start being healthy.  The first step towards wellness is to physically remove all unhealthy food items from your home.  The first thing we threw away was Skippy Peanut Butter because it is hydrogenated.  Resolve to go through all of your cupboards, read the labels and throw away all products that have hydrogenated ingredients.  Next, throw away all products with long lists of chemical additives.  Don’t use these products up and resolve not to buy any more, throw them away.  Do not donate them, if you do, I would have to ask “What do you have against those who are less fortunate?” just throw them away!

Second, resolve to drink only water for the next month, preferably distilled.  After this month of eliminating all other beverages, check your weight, most likely you will have lost weight and you will definitely feel better.  Then try adding fresh extracted juices to permanently replace soda, milk, coffee etc.  Just these two suggestions will start you on your journey to wellness.

 Third stay away from the three white angels of death, namely sugar, white flour and milk products.  These forbidden products would include cold cereals, all dairy, bakery items, pastas, soda pop (sugary and artificial), candy and most snack foods.

Instead of these foods eat sprouted whole grain cereals and breads, baked potatoes instead of French fries, thinly sliced, flavored and dried zucchini instead of chips, and nuts, seeds and fresh or frozen fruit instead of highly processed snacks, as well as fresh juices instead of soda.

If everyone would combine these foods with at least a half hour of exercise per day and a good positive attitude, this nation could pay off the national debt. Cardio vascular disease, cancer, and diabetes would be relegated to the history books and everyone would laugh at the very thought of taking an anti-depressant.

Life is simple, we tend to complicate it so let us resolve to simplify life, love one another and be healthy in mind, body and soul so we can solve the problems of the world. 

David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.