Mishelle Knuteson, M.H.

The foundational principle of Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing is cleanse, nourish and heal. Toxic substances accumulate in our body which create all kinds of health problems if they are not cleansed from the system.  When we have a clean, healthy environment and are given the right nourishing materials - foods, herbs, etc., then there is space for the body to heal itself. Our bodies are amazing! They have the innate tendency to go back to their original whole and healed blueprint. Cells are continually dying and replacing themselves. When we improve our habits, we are literally creating a new body.

Toxic substances can come into our body in so many ways - the foods we eat, the water we drink, what we put on our skin, what we breathe in and so much more.  Most often we think of cleansing our bodies on a more physical level with changes in diet, exercise, herbs, etc. Often left out is the changing of habits on the emotional level with our mind/body connection. Thoughts and words that we feed into our mind also create “side effects” in our body. Toxic words and thoughts can be just as damaging to our overall health as the material toxic substances that we ingest.

Recently I created a meditation class in a box (card deck and book). Each card contains a Sanskrit mantra chant to help cleanse, nourish and heal our emotional health. I would like to share a lesson from one of the forty different mantras in the card deck. The mantra is “Sankalpa Samma Vaca” which translates to “right speech, right action.” Right speech (Samma Vaca) is a skillful verbal act; a virtue that can be cultivated. We can take toxicity out of words we say to others as well as what we tell ourselves mentally (our inner dialog). Therefore, our words are not self-afflicting or afflicting others. We abstain and cleanse ourselves from lying, divisive and abusive speech, as well as idle chatter and gossip.

There is a subtle intention (Sankalpa) to cleanse and filter our words as well as our thoughts. Cultivating right speech in our thoughts leads to our inner dialog. If the inner dialog is nourishing, then what we say and do becomes our outer dialog. Our words will be true and reliable. They will unite and create harmony and will be soothing to the ear, affectionate and polite. They are spoken words that can heal because they are words worth treasuring. Our words are relevant and connected to the goal of uplifting and worthwhile communication. This builds healthy relationships with self and others.

There are five keys to right speaking:

  1. Right timing ~ Communication is uplifting and adds to the spirit of unity, wisdom and connection. It is given freely with no expectations attached. Words are spoken as a response when asked for rather than opinions that are forced upon another. Timing is right because the spoken words create a result of unity and connection.


  1. Truth ~ There should be no intent to deceive, exploit, control or lead astray when speaking with others. Respect comes where true words are spoken whether or not there is agreement.  The intention is pure with no hidden agendas.


  1. Affection ~ Nourishing words are being used with love and gentleness. The intention is to understand rather than be understood, to build and support and create heartfelt connections.


  1. Beneficial ~ What you say adds value rather than detracting and being self-serving. Speech is uplifting; you are open to new ideas and adding to the focus of the goal.


  1. Goodwill ~ Words that come from the heart have a very healing effect.  Kindness out returns with kindness in.

The goal of communication is creating connections. So the statements you make to others as well as to yourself are best when they come from a place of peace, love, happiness and harmony. Words can be firm and to the point yet delivered in a way that is not offensive or damaging and hurtful to the soul. This type of conscious speaking is reflecting on words before, during and after speaking them so the outcome helps bring people closer together or closer to the desired outcome. Be conscious of the best use of words–anything less than your best requires a break to consider how you can re-phrase your words to be conscious of right speech. If you realize you may have said something that may have offended or hurt someone, be quick to apologize. Use this practice to change your behavior in your thoughts (inner speech) and your words (outer speech). It is so worth the effort to cleanse, nourish and heal your mind/body connection as well as unite your outer connections with friends, family and associates. If you have any questions about my meditation class cards please email me at MKhealingTouch4u2@gmail.com.

Mishelle Knuteson is certified in Rapid Eye Technology (RET) an emotional release therapy, is a Thai Yoga Therapy practitioner and a Master Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing.