David Christopher, M.H.

It is likely that you have low levels of Vitamin D3 (specifically measured as 1,25(OH)D) if you have a serious illness.  If you have low levels of Vitamin D3 then you may have been listening to “medical experts” who have convinced you to stay out of the sun. Their warnings are usually accompanied with threats that you will develop melanoma cancer by being exposed to any rays of sunlight. They further advise that if you are exposed to sunlight that you should slather on sunscreen SPF 30 or greater to protect your skin from cancer.

Over 50 years ago Dr. John Raymond Christopher was teaching that the sun prevented cancer when used judiciously. He advised that one should start sun exposure at one minute per day and increase exposure gradually. Continuing until one could spend the entire day exposed to the sun gaining its many benefits without experiencing any ill effects. He related a specific case of a middle aged man who came to him with skin cancer on an area that never received sun exposure. It was located on his lower abdomen, right below his large belt buckle. During the examination Dr. Christopher inquired as to his profession. He was informed that the man was a sheepherder and spent the entire summer isolated from society. With this information Dr. Christopher prescribed a unique therapy, consisting of filling his chuck wagon with grape juice instead of the standard fare of white flour and canned food. He was to consume nothing but grape juice all summer long and to herd his sheep in the buff. As strange as this seemed, the man accepted the therapy. He spent the summer drinking grape juice, with nothing on but his hat and boots for saddle safety.  When he returned in the fall the skin cancer was gone.

It’s an interesting experience so let us examine it in more detail. Constant exposure to the sun allowed this sheepherder to manufacture the essential Vitamin D, which not only prevents cancer but is used by the body to remove the existing cancer. Grape Juice is loaded with anti-oxidant nutrients and had previously been shown to eliminate cancer. The therapy is consistent with current research showing that the deadliest form of cancer, melanoma, rarely occurs on suntanned skin. However, it is almost exclusively found where the skin isn’t exposed to the sun. The much touted belief that one develops melanoma cancer from duration in the sun was just that a medical belief, disproven by scientific fact.  Studies have shown that workers who spend the entire day in the sun, in comparison with the general population, are rarely plagued with the deadly melanoma. The non-malignant cancers found on these outdoor workers could be avoided through better nutrition.

Dr. Michael Holick, an awarded Professor of Dermatology at Boston University, was fired for asserting that “sensible sun exposure” was necessary for preventing numerous diseases including many cancers and even skin cancer.

Vitamin D is not readily available in the food chain. It is manufactured by the body using cholesterol, when stimulated by the UB rays of the sun. Interestingly, this conversion of cholesterol to vitamin D only happens between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when dermatologists tell you to stay out of the sun. It may be apropos that 87% of dermatologists are Vitamin D deficient. These professionals also tell us that Vitamin D levels should not be less than 20 ng/ml, which will barely prevent Ricketts. Now we know that no one should test lower than 30 ng/ml and should optimally test between 50 and 70 ng/ml on the test for1,25(OH)D.

Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent because of sun phobia, avoiding its beneficial rays by covering up and slathering on sunblock.  Furthermore, taking statins which block the liver from making useable cholesterol also contributes to Vitamin D deficiency. One needs to use the sun sensibly and never burn.  According to the N.I.H. ½ hour exposure to noon time sun creates 50,000 IU of vitamin D within 24 hours(people with darker skin tone require more time in the sun)!
Benefits from the sun include:

  • Decreased depression via Beta-endorphins
  • Maintains proper levels of serotonin and melatonin for mood and sleep enhancement
  • Provides light levels of 100,000 lux as opposed to artificial light ranging from 150 to 600 lux thus preventing S.A.D.
  • Protection from most cancers
  • Enhances calcium and phosphorus absorption
  • D.N.A. repair
  • Improves auto oxidation
  • Reduces risks of M.S., R.A., diabetes, osteoporosis, inflammatory bowel and thyroiditis
  • Reduces need for C section surgery
  • 291 genes are positively affected with Vitamin D increases through sun exposure.

So get daily sun exposure and then cover up or slather down (avoid harsh chemicals) and eat more fruit, especially berries for natural radiation protection. Wrinkled skin from sun exposure only happens with improper diet. Eat fresh!

David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also cohosts the popular radio show ”A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.