Samantha Allen

I was roller skating with my family. It had been quite a while since I was on skates, but I thought it would be just like riding a bike. I was so wrong. I came down hard on my wrist and when I looked down my wrist bones were shoved up into my hand forming a bump and my arm was in severe pain. I went into shock and was taken to the emergency room for medical attention. Morphine did not even help to completely take the pain away. What was I going to do? I am a mother of six, my oldest being 10.

 After being in the ER for a couple of hours, I was told that I needed a bone graft and pins to
fix my wrist. I considered it, but surgery did not feel right. I left the hospital feeling very discouraged. No sooner did my discouragement set in, when I thought about Complete Tissue and Bone. I knew I needed some and fast. I called Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop and asked if I would even make it to the shop before they closed. They were so nice and stayed open long enough for us to stop by and purchase bottles of Complete Tissue and Bone.

It took a good 24 hours for my body to respond to the copious amounts of herbs I was throwing inside it. Thankfully the pain became bearable and my body slowly began to put itself back together. I found that during the day it was nice to smother my wrist in CTB ointment and then add Cayenne Ointment on top of that before I splinted my wrist for the day. That first week, my husband made a tea with the Complete Tissue and Bone herbs and I would soak my wrist in the tea before putting on comfrey. My husband would go outside and get a comfrey leaf and crush that. He would wrap the comfrey around my wrist and the pain was nonexistent as I slept. A week after my ER visit, I saw an orthopedic surgeon closer to my home. He looked at my ER x-rays and told me that I needed surgery. He recommended a plate, but no bone graft. I told him that I was a Family Herbalist and that I had been taking Complete Tissue and Bone and wondered if he would consider doing a new set of X-rays to see if my wrist was improving. I am not a doctor, but I have seen enough x-rays to know that my wrist bones were back in place and there was new bone growth. He still recommended surgery but was not sending me down to the hospital. He wanted to see me again in five days.

Well, I never went back to him. My chiropractor, who is a family friend, agreed to look at my X-rays and give his opinion. NO SURGERY! He recommended another set of X-rays be taken in two weeks. Two weeks later I was in his office and there was a small fracture that was still healing, but everything else was back in position and healing nicely.

I made it into my chiropractor’s office for one last visit in December. There was no pain or discomfort. My therapy was doing all the things I normally did before I broke my wrist (being a mom, that is a lot of work on my wrist).

I am a Family Herbalist and just beginning this journey with herbs. I know that the information I learned in that course, coupled with a few calls to the School of Natural Healing for help, understanding and support, saved me from surgery. My children prayed that I would not have a scary scar on my wrist. No surgery, no scar- only complete and full healing.

Samantha’s X-rays left to right
1.  September 5, 2015 - Day of the accident
2.  September 10, 2015 - healing
3.  September 23, 2015 - healed
4.  December 29th - healed


Samantha Allen is a wife, mother and student of the School of Natural Healing.